New customer to LH - advice about a Tracy Cox kegel balls

Hello, just looking for a bit of advice really. I have just ordered and received kegel balls 78g - however they seem rather large and to be blunt only just about fit in. Once they're in I don't seem to have to Squeeze to hold them in at all and can't feel them either. Is this normal or are they not right for me - I'm mid 40's and have had 3 children (all in their teens and twenties now) so I'm thinking maybe my muscles are better than I thought. What advice would u give? Thanks for any help anybody can offer in advance.


I do not have any expereince with the Tracy Cox kegal balls, I cant remember if its larger or smaller balls you use after childbirth but this page should help answer your questions -


Thanks for this.

Maybe you can find some answers here too:

And the list goes on and on. Just try the search bar on the forum pages. :)