New guy advice please

Hi all

I've recently started dating and sleeping with someone new. (This being only the second person I've slept with)

While everything has been really good he doesn't last very long. He is much larger than my ex and has commented several times that I'm quite 'tight' down there and this is what he's saying is the reason for not lasting very long.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make it last longer?

Thanks x

Usually I'd suggest cock rings but if he's already large you may not want that as it tends to make them bigger, you could use desensitising creams, but honestly sounds like he just needs to learn to edge himself, it's quite a sensitive subject though unless he's already aware you want him to last longer

Work on loads or foreplay... Mix it up with each getting some personal can also get delay sprays for him to help him sustain a longer session.
But ultimately enjoy yourselves😉

I would usually suggest delay sprays, but since your relationship is still so new, he might take offence to this and think he's not lasting long enough for you. I would spend a lot of time on for play and make sure you're both satisfied and then "finish off" with penetration. He'll build up his sensitivity issues over time, so I would give him a little while before introduction any products.

Loads of foreplay, some lube may be worth a try, it may help 'ease' things a little...

I would suggest a cock ring or even purchase some delay spray/ lube to give you and your boyfriend better sex. Below are a few links i would suggest. My parnter loves the feel of lube ! WIN WIN situation !

Hope this helps x