New ideas

Hi all. I'm new to this so apologies if I'm not posting In the right place or it's a standard thread already?!!!

Anyway I have a new partner of a few months and we've started being a little adventurous. I have a few vibrators and bullets and were keen to try tying up etc.

does anyone have any tame ish ideas for me? He likes being tied up but I don't really know then what to do? I just want some lightly filthy ideas without being mega crazy. He wants a vibrating buttplug too.

thanks in advance. X

Well it seems you can talk to each other about sex quite openly. If he likes being tied up maybe bring a spanking paddle into play, not so hard as to hurt, but being at someones mercy is for me a huge turn on.

Keep talking, maybe look through LH together and see what you both think looks interesting

My husband and I like to use a blindfold when we're tying each other up, as it's great for sensory play.

This could help you in two ways - increasing the excitement for him and helping you feel less pressure if you're unsure about what to do next.

We found a good way of testing boundaries

Truth or dare

Cut some A4 into squares and label them truth, Dare, forfeit etc

Now the World is your Lobster as they say, with regards to what you write

Start off tame, and throw a slightly risqué one or two in the mix

Guage the reaction on receipt of the card.

If your partner seems excited, then you are on a winner, disgusted, then laugh it off saying that you thought it'd be funny to shock them, and it wasn't meant to be taken seriously!

Adjust the theme for the next bout, swaying in the the direction that you feel they are drawn.

Generous helpings of alcohol can help things loosen up too.

It can also be a way of discovering hidden fantasies, again for later cards.

You can build this DIY game into kinky tie up fun or vanilla play, the rules belong to you!

We must have over 200 of each cards now

Only trouble we've found is coming up with new ideas, as repeated ones get stale!

My only advice is keeping things IN THE MOMENT, cards that say things to do the next day tend to get forgotten, as the hot mood cools by the next day.

Can be a great catalyst to start fun another time if done correctly....

Dare: Wear no knickers to the park the next day and let me touch you.

Think you can guess the rest!