New lingerie time!

Hey guys :) It’s time for some new lingerie, April was my last purchase and I haven’t been around for a while. Any recommendations? I’m 5ft 4 and around a size 14, plenty of boob. Not looking for anything that has my boobs out as they’re not as perky as they used to be 😂😂 Thanks in advance! Anyone tried this or got it on a wish list?

Looks good - very boobacious

Boobacious, I love it! My new favourite word

That looks amazing (male perspective )

Sorebilly wrote:

That looks amazing (male perspective )

buy one for your mistress, maby she will give you a good spanking you know you want it

That play suit is beautiful. Tempted myself. I just bought this. Lovehoney Free Spirit Strappy Bra Set (Pink One size) hopefully test driving tonight

Ooohhh that’s in my basket too! I’m tempted, let me know how it feels on and if it enhances all the right areas! Have fun 😘 Eyes are now set on this too! Beautiful!

Delightful87 wrote: Eyes are now set on this too! Beautiful!

can you stop!! That is beautiful too. Im going to be broke 😂

Ooh! Love a bit of lingerie...

Not so great in the boobacious department, and I've sent loads back because of this, but these have been keepers:

Also stockings, hold-ups and knickers... Good luck! Hope you find something you enjoy x

Delightful87 wrote: Eyes are now set on this too! Beautiful!

Looks fab - going to keep an eye on it! Out of stock in my size, but might come back - who knows!

What about a body-stocking? So easy and sexy - never fails!

Not into body stockings. Just not my thing, too lumpy and bumpy!!

Any stockings suggestions? I don’t have super chunky thighs but they’re not the slimmest 😂😂 I hate it when they roll. Any suggestions of non-rolling stockings?

And holders while we’re at it? I’ve seen some leg avenue ones with hearts on that look good. I’ll try to find a link!

That is a very good idea my friend !!

Delightful87 wrote: Anyone tried this or got it on a wish list?

I got this. I love it.

I also really like Late Night Liaison I find the crossover straps give me a little support/shape in that area.

Love the blue one! That’s gone on the list too 😂🙈 nice little package coming to me soon!

So I’ve gone for the green body, the garter, the DOTD dildo and some lube. Looks like we’ll have a great weekend!

WOW! Love this!!!