New Lovehoney packaging?

When my order arrived this morning it came in a thin grey plastic bag with no padding or wrapping instead of the usual brown box or jiffy bag. Is this going to be the standard packaging now?

I'm just concerned because the thin plastic bag can be easily ripped and could have exposed the contents to the postman which, for me, would be really embarrassing.

I havent seen that packaging before, I do hope not. I did receive a parcel this mornng in the normal brown boxes, but what i received wouldnt fit into a bag. :(



We've been using these grey bags for particular orders for about a year now, and so far we've had no problems with them ripping or getting damaged in transit. 

We don't use them to send all orders, as some items would be easily felt through the bags. We generally only use them for orders where the products inside are in their own packaging already, and we're confident it's not possible to work out what they are through the plastic. 

If we feel that an order wouldn't be discreet enough delivered in just the grey bag, we'll either put it in a box, jiffy bag, or we'll pad out the grey bag to make it impossible to feel though. 

I hope that helps! 

I have had underwear sent in this grey plastic bag, it was no problem for me. But if you had purchased a set of jiggle balls maybe they could have been detected, but as Jess says if this was the case they would use a padded envelope or a box.

Dont worrie your secret is safe for now.

I got my jiggle balls in one of these bags, but they're in their own box, so *shrug*

I think the main thing to watch is that if items are boxed, pointy corners may damage the bags. Mine wasn't ripped, but it hadwhite marks where it had been stretched and scratched by the box.

I actually got my order this afternoon and it was in that grey plastic bag which surprised me lol but it didn't matter since it was just a babydoll so

Thanks everyone! I'm reassured to know it's just for certain items. I was worried that it was new packaging for most items and that the postman would be able to feel it to figure out what's inside!