New older couple

Hi all - We're new here. Married couple in their 60's, we've been
together for 40 years now. We had a few years where not much was going
on in the bedroom, but thankfully my wife decided that should change. I
had forgotten how much I enjoyed the intimacy! We've bought a nice
assortment of toys, and we're learning what we do and don't like. It's
been lots of fun! Jack & Dolly

welcome, have fun, oh and happy shopping xx

Morning and welcome! :)

Good morning Jack&Dolly Well done Dolly, getting things going again.
And welcome both of you to the forum. I'm in my later sixties, and just
rediscovering my libido. And I'm new to toys too. You'll find lots of
helpful friendly people on here, it's a great community. Hope to hear
more from you. Lots of love from Gran

Hi and welcome to you both:)

Hello and welcome. 🙂

Hello and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Welcome have fun x

Hello Jack & Dolly, a Big Welcome from another one in the 60+ club.
Enjoy your time here and all your future purchases, and most of all
ENJOY your new found inhibitions 👍😉

Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone! Glad to see some others in our
age range!

Hi, welcome to the forum :-)

Hello from another oldun. Age is a state of mind and your sex life is
what you want it to be, within physical limitations. So don't let anyone
tell you that you can or cannot do and just go for it.

Hello and welcome to the forums! Good on you rediscovering intimacy 😊
there is lots of friendly people on here to help you find your feet,
good luck and happy shopping and exploring!

Thanks everyone! We're having a blast so far!

Hi there And welcome to the forums :-) and how lovely sounds like your a great couple :-) i hope you enjoy the forums im also new to these forums but have already found people incredibly helpful and friendly :-)

Hi and welcome..

Hello and welcome to you both

Hello, hope you have fun here