New Product Suggestions - Toys/Lingerie

I have just had the 40% offer for my birthday and I would like to treat ourselves to some new toys/outfits. We are a heterosexual couple and would love some suggestions! Thanks

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What sort of play do you enjoy at the moment? E.g fetish, leather, role play etc… Might help narrow down recommendations for you :slightly_smiling_face: xxx

We have quite a few toys such as rabbits, bullets, cock rings, a penis extender, a stroker etc. We don#t have any fetishes and aren’t into leather. We have tried a bit of light bondage, just handcuffs and blindfold

What about some anal play? It’s not on your list so perhaps a new one for both of you?

There’s lots of really nice beginner plugs and things you could explore - I find it adds another dimension, and another pleasure spot to play with!

Have you tried temperature play yet? Exploring with maybe a glass toy and heating and cooling is good fun

What about some nice lingerie for you?

Thanks everyone I will have a look around.

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I went for a glass dildo in the end!

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Excellent choice!
Which one did you go for?

Glass dildo’s make for good external massages too - you could add a massage candle!