New sex toy ideas

Hi, I currently own many different toys such as: butt plugs, anal beads, I have a dildo, a rabbit, other smaller vibrators, we have a Male vibratoror, a stroker, vibrating butt plugs. The list goes on. Is there anything you’d recommend that’s interesting or different to what I already have that I’m missing out on? I’ve been hunting all night with no luck. Thanks

Hollow butt plug?

Do you have a link that I can follow? There are others on here too.

Thank you, have you used one yourself?

Thank you, have you used one yourself?

Yes. You need a good clear out first but then the sensation of being held open is interesting. You can also wear them for longer as there is no build up of pressure. Lovehoney sell others too. I will try to find the links. They can be tricky to get in so you may need to warm up.

I don't know what you include in small vibrators, but In that list I miss:

-oscillating toys (eroscillator, zumio)

-flickering toys (fun factory volta, flickering tongue)

-thrusting toys (fun factory's eins, g. lovehoney's thrusting rabbit)

-suction toys (any from womanizer or satisfyer)

- vibrating butt stuff

-a wand

You can search them by their names. I've used some of then as I enjoy looking for sensations different from vibrartions.

I think I might give the flickering toys a go. I’m a newbie to all things anal but will give the hollow but plug a go in the future. Thanks

My womaniser is a toy in its own league all together.

I’ve never felt anything like it!!