New to forums and newly single

Hi Everyone

Am new to the forums and newly single. Not new to Lovehoney though as am a huge fan of sex toys (well am a huge fan of sex full stop!)

looking forward to getting to know everyone

Hi and Welcome to the forums!

Hi and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Thanks both! Looking forward to chatting to you all!

Hi and welcome to the forums :)

Hi and welcome

Thanks both - nice to meet you!

Hi & welcome, I'm sure you're gonna love it here 😊 x

Hi there and welcome :) Make sure to check the forum rules and enjoy :)

Thanks Flexy - doing so now :)

Thanks Jr78 didn't see your comment before! x

Welcome from me also :-)

I forgive you.... Thought you were ignoring me ha ha! ;-) x

Thanks ladybetter :)

Nah just being a typical bloke jr78 - not noticing the obvious!

And he's funny to boot! ;-) lol

Welcome! :)


I do try ladybette and I do look good in boots ;-) x lol

Thanks NEvans

...I think we need to see him in'll make a good profile pic ;-)

Hello and welcome :)

HighLibidoAndrew wrote:

I do try ladybette and I do look good in boots ;-) x lol

Lol..very good :-) So jr78 has a point...a profile pic of you in boots is a great idea...I think you need to prove it :-)