New to the site

hi my name is nikki and im new to the site but not to the toys. a little about myself i am a slave i have been for about 13 years now i have been with my Master/Daddy for about 6 years now. yes i am in the d/s lifestyle i live it 24/7 and love every minute of it. but i figured i would stop and say hi and hope to do more of theses

Hello and welcome to the forums nikki.

hi nikki :)


I'm 19y.o. girl, student living in Scotland right now, with a name that almost noone here could pronounce and noone who knew it ever remembers. I'm originally from Poland, now living with my boyfriend, trying to make our sex life a little more interesting(it doesn't get better after some time you know), but what I did so far is just got into using and trying new vibrators all the time when he's at work :P

welcome to the both of you. im sure you are gonna love it here. x

Welcome to the OA!! ^_^

Hope to see you around the boards x x x

Hello too to Chat - another Scottish resident yay. Welcome.

Welcome to the Orgamn Army! =D

Welcome to you both!

Hey there welcome to you both! :)q

hello and welcome the both of you

thanks so great to be welcomed somewhere and be able to fit in somewhere

Hiya immortalpain !!!



well ya it is great to feel belonged somewhere, where people understand how you are and dont really care

Nope we can be a pretty careless lot there immortal pain, and hi to the camper from the land of the sweaty's with the unpronounceable name!!!


Hello and welcome both of you! xx

hello to immortalpain and chat, hope you both enjoy the forum and find it as much fun as I do.

well so far i do it seems pretty easy to get around the forums just trying to decied what ones to read first is the hardest to

Hello im sami, new here too, don't know what im doing or where i'm going but i hope i'm in the right place.22 live in Wales.