New toy. Mega mighty penis extender.

My girlfriend and I have always had a great sex life. We have been together over 12 years and enjoy lots of fun in the bedroom. We have quite a few toys and open to a lot of new things. I recently bought the mega mighty penis extender after seeing it on LH as I thought it could be fun. I have tried it twice so far and I loved giving it and she loved taking it. I really want to learn to use it to blow her mind and was wondering if anyone had any tips or info? Thanks

I'm afraid I don't have any tips for you but I can give this a little Monday bump to try and get you some more replies. 👍

It sounds like you both enjoyed it though, so you're definitely on the right track. 🙂

Thanks, yes it was fun. Definitely fun getting to wear a toy in that way. I know practice an becoming familiar with it will help. Definitely adds another dimension to sex.

Just an Idea put a link on see other may be able to comment My OH uses an extended I love the full feel of it

Have you been using it long? And sorry what do you mean by a link? I'm new sorry

DH36 wrote:

Have you been using it long? And sorry what do you mean by a link? I'm new sorry

You can add a link to the item's product page by copying the text from the address bar and pasting it into your post. If it's a Lovehoney address the forum will automatically turn it in to a hyperlink. 👍

I'm not sure precisely which model you bought but it sounds like it's one of these :

Thanks. Will do. And yes it's one of those The extender was one of these. I highly recommend and wondered if any one has tried any? Interested in all perspectives!

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If you want to blow her mind get the tenga SVR smartvibe cockring and put it on the extender ramp it up to the 4th speed setting that's if she hasn't already can thank me later. Also if your extender wears out I can recommend the oxballs musclesheath it's a belter for the old shakey legs.

Thanks I'll look in to it. At the minute I'm still getting used to the extender

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