New Wishlist Widget - show your LoveHoney Wishlist on your web site

More excitement from the LoveHoney Coding Centre!

Remember the Secret Wishlist Shopping that lets people buy you things from your wishlist without them knowing your address or you seeing their payment details?

Well, now we've gone one step further and made a Wishlist Widget which lets you show your wishlist on your Web site or blog so people who visit your site can see what you fancy and buy you things...

It's awesome cool!

Get started by making a LoveHoney Wishlist - and on the wishlist page you'll see a link to the Wishlist Widget maker.

You can customise the size and look of your widget to match your Web site.

And to deploy one, all you have to do is plonk in a single line of code.

Easy peasy! Have fun!

Here's a quick LoveHoney Wishlist Widget that I plonked on my embarrasingly never-updated personal blog.