New year says Hello

Hi Everyone

Just joined and placed my first order.

Had a look at some of the threads which are quite interesting,especially

the Threesome ones.

I'll keep looking for a while but it all looks very good.

Of course that should read Newby Says Hello

Hi and welcome ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

It really is a great website to be a member of!

I see the topic title and thought ohh no but then again im not much of a New Years person myself.

Hi and welcome xx

Hey and welcome to the forum :) Hope you enjoy your order x

Hello and welcome :) enjoy the forum!

G'day and welcome x

Thanks everyone what a friendly forum this is.

Hi and welcome.

Hello :) hope you enjoy your order!

Hi and welcome to the forum x

Hello and welcome to the forum

Hi Guitarist,

Welcome to the friendliest and hottest forum.

Hello and welcome

Hi welcome to the forum

Hey, welcome to the forums x

Hi and welcome, been here a while myself lurking quietly in the background. Great place.

Hello and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.