hey im new at the whole toys dress up and things like that with my gf could people go onto my wish list n look and tell me if some of the things are acctully worh it like does it work and that because cant affore buy things that dont work thanks :)

Hi mobsk and welcome!

Lovehoney have a fabulous returns policy, so if you buy anything and it's not right you can return it up to a year after you've bought it. It also might be worth taking the time to check out the reviews for the products before you buy if there are any.

but what if its been opend and used can u still return it

You can return anything for any reason, even if you just didn't like it, including if it's been opened, worn or used

Hope that helps.

Yes can still be returned, Lh want you to be fully happy with your purchases, details here


thank yous :) x

Hi and welcome.

Hi we just got the poker for lovers game recently and its totally worth the investment. We had hours of fun with it.

is it just like the basic poker or is their like side rules

You can play any poker you want. There are rules but we made up a few of our own too. You basically just bet what you are willing to do if you lose. The activities have different levels and values. The rules are really easy so you can kind of play around with them and work out what suits. For example, we made up a rule that you couldnt use a chip for full sex for the first 3 hands because otherwise the game would last 10 minutes. If you work it out right you can get the whole night out of it.

thanks :) sound really fun think i might buy it thank you :) xx

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