New :)

Hi guys!

I'm (kind of) new here ... i've been a member of Lovehoney for a couple of years now, i used to just use the same account as my boyfriend but felt like i wanted my own so signed up last year.

Anyway, i've only just started writing reviews and reading through posts on here so i thought i'd introduce myself and say hello :)

Add me if you feel like it


Hi & Welcome to the forums, have fun!! :)

Hello & welcome ;)

Hello :)

Hello & welcome ;)

hello enjoy yourself

Hello and welcome! =D

Hello, welcome to the forums 😁

Hi there and welcome to the forums. Hope you have fun :) x

Hi and welcome :)

Hello :-)

Hey and wellcome! Hope you enjoy the fourms! xx


Hi and welcome x


Hiya and welcome! Have fun :-)

Welcome :) Xx

Thankyou everyone :)

Welcome :)

Hellooooo welcome to the forum