Newbie but experienced ;)

Hey guys,

I'm new to this kind of thing but I'm really excited about joining in with all the forums and finding out about different people's fantasies and sharing different things done by me and my OH. I am really into sex toys and into squirting ;). My toy collection is perfect for me as I have such a variety from big dildos to a small diamond but plug, and also the very good magic wand. Me and my OH are into public things. I also have quite a few small but powerful vibrators. I am really excited about joining this lovehoney forum.

I was wondering as this is my first post if anyone has any ideas how to help me and my OH make me squirt so it goes really far mean super far, at the moment it just seems to trickle out. Also is there any specific positions you need to be in to help with squirting or is it just down to hitting the right spot. Also what are the best toys for squirting and Isit best on the clit or in side ? Want to become a pro squirt girl for my lover I hope you guys can help.

Thanks everyone!

First off welcome!

There is a squirting thread with some info:

I know that if you sit up or do a position that squeezes your pelvic floor muscles this can help with distance. Also, you might want to try some kegel balls and exercises to help. I've heard they do wonders for squirting!x

Hello welcome to the forum.

Why not check out the thread on "Squirting" .

My Mrs is a prolific squirter and tends to work best when she is relaxed or when she is on all fours when I am spanking her erotically and rubbing her lady parts at the same time. The latter routine is harder to gauge as she likes being spanked with her pants on but they tend to be soaked through after a session.

Don't forget every woman will be different.

Oh right thank you very much can you squirt so it goes far ? What toys do you use and do u use them on clit or ? X ;)

So is it best to use toys or hand and rub atm I use toys on my clit and loads comes out but just comes out not squirts out and far ?

BeautifulMystery69 wrote:

Oh right thank you very much can you squirt so it goes far ? What toys do you use and do u use them on clit or ? X ;)

Depends on your definition of far. Never measured it to be honest but I would say around 12 inches would be the norm. Lol

Thanks x

If any one else can give me any tips or help then be very grateful x

I'm sorry, I'm still waiting for my elusive first squirt :(

but all the same, welcome to the forum and I hope you find some useful advice, good luck :D

Hi welcome to the forum.

Hi, welcome to the forum. There are quite a few threads on squirting already that will probably offer more advice than I could. I'm still a squirting newbie!

Hi and welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll find lots of tips and advice on here.

Hi :) welcome to the forums. Have a read through the squirting thread for some great tips! x

Hello, and welcome to the forum :) x

Hello and welcome :)

'Allo, ' Allo & welcome. Have fun.

Hello and welcome :) There have been loads of threads on squirting, try having a search and you'll find so much info :)

I can't advise you about squirting but I wanted to say welcome to the forum.

Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the forum! Hopefully I can find many different ways to help me squirt x

Kazamarie wrote:

Me to I'd love to be able to squirt but nothing I have tried works either so I gave up trying years ago lol. I hope it works for you though xx

I thought a while back that I never could and one day I just use A small vibrator, in fact it was the small Tracey cox vibrator bought from love honey and I just held it on my clit and all of a sudden I just squirted all over my bed. My OH tried to help me do it before previously but wow honestly do not give up! It is the most amazing thing ever.

But for me I would just love to make it go further to make it super sexy for me and my OH, hope this helps. Xoxo