Newbie going to first swingers party advice needed to quell my nerves

Have lined up to go to a party in a few weeks. Already I am experience a mix of excitement nerves and fear. This is a totally new experience for me. I come from a very vanilla social circle. I'm apprehensive about being butt naked in front of a bnch of strangers or bumping into someone I know or having my photo taken and it appearing on the net just wondered if anyone has any experiences to share.

havent been to any sort of party but i know that photography is baned at the london alternative market so you should be fine there. as for being naked, you could always invest in a pair of showmans pants.

I think, that you're probably not going to be the only nervous one there! It'll probably be awkward at first as you find your way and get used to the atmosphere, but I'm sure soon enough you won't be able to keep your hands off the other people! It'll be a new experience, but something you'll never forget, I'm sure!

Photography is generally banned so dont worry about that. I was really nervous the first time I went to one but I absolutely loved it (I'm fact I'm going again tonight).

There is no pressure to get involved or even naked, most regulars are used to new nervous people so I'm sure you'll find people to chat to so you can relax a bit. Generally the staffing these places are good if you say you are new, they'll show you round and you can ask questions.

Ok, thanks for this. Glad to see photography is not generally welcomed. Hope you have a great night tonight KM. Any experiences or tips tomorrow once you get back most welcome :)

Thanks, I had a brilliant night.

What I would say, the night is what you make it. There wasn't alot of people where I went last night and there was something missing a little (in that sense it was better the time before), so me and the guy I went with entertained ourselves (didn't see anyone for ages, as soon as I'd been strapped to a cross, we had an audience lol).

Have a think about what you are looking to do there. Are you looking to watch, be watched, play with one person, play with lots, be in a room having sex with people having sex round you, a mass orgy, same sex people, opposite sex people etc. Is there anything you don't want to do? There is no guarantee anything will happen but just having in your mind what you are happy with will help.

If you are still nervous, I think all the places have websites and you can contact the organisers and ask any questions you want (how many people, atmosphere, etiquette etc). It isn't like trying to get Ann summers staff to help you choose a vibrator, the people that work in these places are part of the swinging scene and are normally happy to talk about it.

Most importantly though, have fun.

If the host and hostess are any good they'll break the ice by getting everyone relaxed. When we hold a party we play games that get everyone nude fairly quickly and get people interacting. Basically, everyone is there for sex, but of course that doesn't mean anyone is obliged to do anything they don''t want. If you want to join in you're going to have to make a move, but don't be pushy. If you get chatting to a woman and fancy her, suggest that you go and find a bed. If the beds are occupied, those playing will usually make room for another couple. Don't just find a crowded bed and try to join in on your own, unless invited. Usually, if the doors are open, people don't mind being watched. If the doors are shut, they want privacy, so let them have it. If someone is being a "greedy girl" then it's usually OK for men to join in unless the lady says no thanks.

It doesn't have to take place in bed either, sometimes we've seen kitchens used for sex; makes getting a drink interesting! This all sounds difficult, but people usually just relax and enjoy the swinging, particularly after a few drinks. BUT don't get drunk, and don't forget to take condoms, either.

Have fun and let us all know how it went!

If someone is being a "greedy girl" then it's usually OK for men to join in unless the lady says no thanks.

Thanks SC. WIll report back! Excuse my ignorance but how does someone being a "greedy girl" make this known? I assume we mean the same thing by the use of the phrase "gg" lol

GG is the euphemism for gang-bang which doesn't sound terribly sexy, we think. You will know if one is in progress, unless it's in a closed room.