Newbie to Anal

Thinking for trying anal and while curious just wondering where to start it??

Do you try with something like beads or plug and any advice?? Cheers

Is this for on yourself or on a partner?

Suppose both as can’t say to partner if she fancies it if not tried myself ?!!!

Get a few different size butt plugs and lots of lube to ease the plugs in.

Then get a dildo to ride.

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Slow and steady then !!

He asked the same question I did and was told exactly what you said - and it worked fine - still does. Slow and easy. I’d add, at all times keep your fingernails trimmed!

Try using the search as there are many threads about starting out with anal play as a beginner. Lots of good info and tips.

Start with a LH classic medium butt plug on yourself with some lube and go from there then perhaps get your partner to help you with it, see how open to the idea she is adopting the same technique remember to wash it or have two?

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I’m not sure that buying and using a butt plug is a slow, easy first step. We started by using fingers on each other, then trying penetration, and later moving on to rimming.

Butt plugs don’t actually appeal to either of us, although I have tried a prostate massager (which is another subject altogether).

I feel I should say that while I thought anal sex seemed as if it was designed for male pleasure, my wife finds it surprisingly enjoyable, which is useful to bear in mind.


Riming feels great i must say

I would just buy LH beginner set in the anal toys section, should be everything you need. Maybe some extra anal lube too

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The balls re so much fun. to me the best part is when they’re pulled out while I cum. Both of us enjoy them a lot!

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My OH and I have been exploring more and more. We bought a few different anal kits for beginners with small diameter plugs and then have bought a few larger ones now, along with some beads and metal plugs.

I have also started to use a few of the smaller toys and quite enjoyed it. She is loving using them herself and really likes the idea that I am experimenting with them as well so I have an understanding of what it feels like along with her.

My top tip is don’t start with metal - I still find it excruciating and just cannot. Think anal will be one of those things we will have to skip, not sure I ever can.

Slow and steady, also make sure your both clean! A lot of people tend to focus on how to stretch your ass but no one ever mentions to keep it clean :sweat_smile:

My suggestion is first, make sure you have been to the toilet, mainly because you want to be able to relax. Feeling like you may need to go is the last thing you will want.

Second thing, get a good anal lube! These tend to be thicker and last longer, they are very different and with a good lubricant you can avoid some serious damage and pain later on.

Third, start slow and steady! It’s not a race and even if you just get a finger in your butt for the first few times, it will prepare you for the next stage. You can get some anal kits at lovehoney and the sizing is great, they really do prepare your butthole.

Fourth, don’t feel stressed or pressured into the situation. Feeling this way will tense you up and chances are your butt will tense and it won’t be very comfy. So a nice warm bath, plenty of foreplay and try and put some chill or sexy music on.

Fifth … safe word! And communication, if you need to stop, then say either a safe word or tell your partner to stop. Being in doggystyle is a great position as this allows you to control speed and depth. So try this and ease yourself onto your partner slowly.

Thanks all.

Started medium plug and anal lube inc desensitisation all was good had a good try alone and enjoyed it.

Any thoughts to how much play without causing muscles to expand and causing leakage or am I over thinking this??

I suggest starting with solo play and lube fingers and maybe a small vibe