Age - 22 -26

Gender - male-female

Relationship Status - together

Sexual Preference - straight

Favourite Position - girl on top riding her life away

Most kinky thing you do fairly regularly? - make her squirter

How many partners? - to many lol

Bra Size/ Cock Size - 9" and 36DD

Pubic Hair Style? - both shaved

Swallow?- sometimes

Hi, welcome to Lovehoney x

hello and welcome x

Hi welcome to the Forums

Hi and welcome to the forums.

Hi and welcome. Hope you have fun on here.

Hi welcome to the forums x

Thank you everyone I'm loving this forum already love hearing everyone's kinky sex stories, my favourite is my real handcuffs handcuffing her to the bed and blindfolding her then going down on her with our cherry lube she love's it then in return she love's to suck my 9" cherry cock were just starting out on love honey to introduce toys into our sex life and have just put in our 1st £30 order x

Welcome to you both :)

I'm sure those orders will be on the increase pretty quickly ;) What's in your first order ?

Yeah what's in it? Welcome to the forums by the way :)