Hi all!
Trying this chat out. Me? I’m a 47 male. Curious and adventurous. Married to a wonderful wife that is neither curious and not adventurous. Perhaps some persons here will identify with that and tell me that I am not alone?
Hampshire, UK


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Evening and welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the club and I’m pleased you are trying to be adventurous and also curious

I believe you need to speak to your partner about being more adventurous in the bedroom as there is so much more than a straight fuck - ask her straight what you want - be it to be spanked, a bit of cross dressing / anal - the list goes on and on

Being 47 is a good age and live your best life - I am and it’s fantastic

Dont be afraid to ask us anything- we understand and will help but your first step is talk to her :lovehoney_heart: :stockings:


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Hi @Dimble :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

I’m sure there are many people who will relate to your situation. I completely agree with @batjamboree though, have a conversation (away from the bedroom, maybe over a cup of tea?) and talk to your wife about things you’d like to try. She might surprise you.

i agree with @batjamboree - speak to her and ask for what you want - for me its spanking and crossdressing - but i also have male friends for hook ups when i need to play

Welcome its good to talk

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Hi @Dimble and welcome to the forum

Hi,sure somebody will advise​:+1:t2::+1:t2:

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You are not alone…

Hello and welcome to the forum

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Hi and Welcome.I too have a wonderful wife and she liked sex but was quite vanilla when i met her.With time and talking things through and what we enjoy how that has changed.She is now my Mistress and quite Domme whilst i have journeyed a long way down the road to being a Sissy for her.I have always enjoyed crossdressing and once she realised how happy it made me she more than indulged me.Our sex life has gone through the roof because of it and we’ve never been happier.Good luck in your experimentation and new adventures.You are in a great community here and i am sure you will get a lot of pleasure and ideas here.

Hello and welcome :wave:

Hello and welcome to the forum. :wave: