Next step up from a beginner Butt plug ?

Hi! So today we actually dove in to our first Butt plug experience and I have no idea why I dreaded this so much ! I thought the myth was true and something up my behind would be hurtful It was just a beginner Butt plug as the 'basics' but it was very satisfying to be penetrated in doggy style whilst my man held this into me and the harder he penetrated me the more pleasureable the Butt plug became - it was the biggest turn on and the best sex we've had to date ! It feels amazing after 14 years to go from having a good sex life and a pleasureable one to knowing myself and knowing that exploration is just the start of this taking us both to a huge turn on ! So what do you think would be the next step? How long did it take you to try anal sex ? It's something he's wanted forever ! And I've always been on the side of no! How is the first time? Is it a turn on? What to expect?

Alicia4Ever covered pretty much everything, great comments! The only thing I'll add is that you might want to use a douple penetration strap on. They come in various sizes and designs, and these two are currently on sale: and :)

We have now started Anil pleasures and I agree why was I so scared of It, after a well good clean and dry we prefer the 69 position so I can suck him whilst he sucks me, he now flicks his tongue to my anus wow that is so delightfully before he masturbates my anus with his fingers after a good lubrication he takes me with his clock at 65 years of age who would thought that Anil sex was so so great.

I have just got into Anil and wondered what does a butt plug add when having sex, I enjoy licking and fingering but have never experience a plug, does it pop out , is it satisfying. Comments and tips appreciated kp

We got into anal penetration about 2 years ago. My wife was justifiablty dubious, with concerns about pain or damage, but we quickly worked out a method of preparation which avoids any pain or discomfort.

Using the Lovehoney Lube Tube syringe I squeeze plenty of water based anal lube into her anus then carefully push in a well lubricated vibrating butt plug.

We then have our normal foreplay (kissing, cuddling, touching etc.) followed by vaginal penetration until she orgasms (often using a clitoral vibrator).

When the calms down a little I lube up my penis, remove the butt plug and carefully penetrate her anus. With all the preparation penetration is usually easy, painless and incredibly erotic for both of us.

Usually she continues to use the clitoral vibrator while i'm thrusting into her and she often has quite staggering orgasms (as do I).

We also use the same preparation methods for me when she is pegging me with a strap-on and that is also an incredible experience.

Sorry to make the process sound a bit clinical. I'm just trying to be clear.

In practice the whole thing is a very erotic and enjoyable experience for both of us and our only regret is that it took so long for us to discover how much fun anal sex can be (she's 65, I'm 66).

Take it slowly but do take the plunge. it's well worth it.

I went from the basics silicone butt plug to a slightly larger glass one and now I would only buy glass