Nexus or Aneros for beginner?!

I'm after some great results, erm obviously, don't want to shell out too much, however can't decide between these 2 product lines, and then which one of that line might be best!

Well, I have the original Aneros (I think its called the MSX now) and I must confess to not getting a great deal out of it. Perhaps its because we are quite into pegging and I'm quite sensitive to prostate stimulation that I found the Aneros' very strong (I'd say harsh) prostate pressure rather too much. In the end I found I got better results using the aneros technique with a "Ryder" butt plug. At least this suggests the technique has something going for it but I suspect which, if any, of the Aneros type devices works for you is going to be a very personal thing.

I opted for the Aneros Helix as my first prostate stimulator. I made this decision mostly based on the excellent info and forums on the Aneros website -

I've had the product for a few months and have had very mixed results with it - some spine shattering others plain disappointing. I think my key to success is being able to fully relax, clear my mind and try not to over think about what I'm hoping to achieve. I've not yet ejaculated through the use of the helix (without masturbating as well) although I have found sensations are better with an erection so I've started using a cock-ring at the same time.

Aneros products are made of medical grade materials. The people behind the company have a long track record in the medical industry. Their products are tried and tested.

I can't vouch for Nexus.