Nexus Revo 2

Hi - has anyone tried the Nexus Revo 2?

I can see it is sold here on LoveHoney but there were no reviews.

I'd love to test this product or wait for the price to come down a bit before I buy it.

Interested to hear any experiences of this Prostate Massager.

We have currently sent it for review as it was on the 'sex toy testers list' a few weeks back. So there will be a review very soon, just keep checking back :)


Thanks Cazz - I'd have reviewed it quicker :) If there are any more testers like that I'd love to try them.

Have a great weekend! just reviewed it and loved it.

I have tried the Revo 1 and all my partners loved it! So much better than Rocks-Off is the guy who is reviewing it for us, so his review will be the same here and on his own site. Thanks for this Ness :D

Excellent - look forward to reading it.

I almost bought the Nexus Revo 1 from a ugh rival site with a 20% off code, but held off when I found out about the Revo 2.

Lovehoney - Cazz wrote: is the guy who is reviewing it for us, so his review will be the same here and on his own site. Thanks for this Ness :D

Oh, silly me ^_^ He has been very excited about it actually =)

I still can't see Ruffled Sheets review either here or on their website!

I'm getting desperate! Please send me a tester and I'll have it reviewed within 48 hours :) Pretty Please :)

I doubt they'll send another product out since firstly it's so expensive, and secondly reviewers have one month to test things before they would consider it.

If you're that desperate you could always just buy it and return it under the LH's fantastic returns policy if you didn't like it. Or you could look online for other reviews from different websites.

Having visited ruffledsheets several times, it's more than likely the review will be up within 48 hours anyway, he's fantastic for getting reviews up ASAP.

@MrsMcX - great suggestion, I only wish I'd known that sooner.

I've got an Aneros Helix that I purchased from LoveHoney last July for £31.99 which I never use because I prefer my larger Progasm (also purchased here).

I also have an Doc Johnson Anal Beginners Kit that I purchased in September last year, for £26.99 which was intended for my wife, but she didn't like the toy approach and prefferred more natural means for getting into Anal.

If I was able to return both of those that would almost be half of Nexus Revo 2 which would obviously significantly reduce the cost, making it a no brainer!

@Lovehoney - Cazz - can you comment if you see this?

I think if you have a toy you like, but you don't use as much, that's probably pushing the boundaries a bit much.

Here's the returns policy so you can have a look for yourself...

Hi dirty_boy

All returns are dealt with by our customer care team, if you contact them to discuss your options on the question you asked then they will be able to help you. You can do this by phone call or live chat online.

Kind Reagrds.

Hi Cazz - many thanks!

RuffledSheets review is now live on his blog

This makes me want it even more, great review!

Hey everyone,

As AliMc says, my Revo 2 review is now live on my site, here:

And you can read the text on Lovehoney's product page now, too, which is here:

It's an amazing toy. Hope you like the review (and the photographs!)


I reviewed the Revo 2 on my blog back in April if anyone wants another opinion:

Personally I wasn't a big fan of it; I absolutely loved the idea of the toy, but in practice the rotating head just poked me in the bladder rather than stroking my prostate, and vibrating feature of it was pretty weak. My experience ranged from boredom to discomfort, and I figured it was a lot of money to be paying for very little satisfaction.

Incendiaire - interesting review and its confirmed my view that its a lot of money for a toy that might not hit all the right spots as it were!

I think I will wait and see what the price does, as I do like the idea of a vibrating prostate massager.

Finally took the plunge and bought one of these in the 25% email subscribers sale! Good saving and I cannot wait to try it!

Be sure to upload your review dirty_boy!