Nipple Orgasms

Me and my partner where playing around this morning, touching, kissing etc. On a heavy period so no sex and he asked if I tried to have a nipple orgasm, I laughed at first because he just came out with it lol He convinced me to buy some nipple suckers months ago from another site and still new in box, never got round to trying them out. Since my parents were pre occupied, dad working from home and mum doing the garden, I popped one on each nipple and threw a dressing gown on for a hour are so to hide them incase my parents came up stairs. After about 2 hours, I closed my door, put tv on as a background noise (I’m vocal lol) and took them off. My nipples were so red but omg so sensitive to slightest touch. Partner started kissing, licking and sucking each nipple and putting tv on was a good idea, it felt good and came in about 20-30 minutes of the constant stimulation, Definitely took the edge off until period is finished. Looks like I’ll be using these again ;)

I always feel like I could orgasm from nipple play, but never have, never tried suckers though! Think they might appear on an order soon!

Not that I've ever had a nipple orgasm 🙂, but you can pump them for extra sensitivity. And the clit balms can be used on nipples too for an extra little something. 👍

Edit: and there are clamps as well, if you're feeling brave. 🙂

I can orgasm within seconds of my new bloke touching my nipples and many times over to the point of not being able to breathe (almost) in fact he was a bit scared to go any further at the start of our relationship in case he 'broke' me. Noone has ever had this effect on me before. I'm 54 and he's 62 and apparently he's never had this effect on anyone else before either. It's mind blowing!

My wife has never had a nipple orgasm but, when we were much younger, I did make her come a couple of times by licking and nibbling her ear lobes.

I was shocked the first time as I wasn't being touched anywhere else either...amazing

Myself or partners never have , but would be oh so fun to try !

It has happened to me only once and it was totally unexpected!

Generally nipple play on myself isn't a favourite. One of them is pierced and oversensitive, so any stimulation feels uncomfortable and ''too much''. I usually don't get anything out of my partners playing with my non-pierced nipple, unless we are having sex and I am close to orgasming.

But that one time I was with a new hook-up, we were fooling around for hours and I was extremely aroused. He pinched and twisted my nipple while we were making out and eventually I came. I really didn't expect it! It was a squirting orgasm, so both my leggings and his pants got wet.

It felt good, but he got annoyed that I had an orgasm. Needless to say, we didn't meet again in private. He works at my local super market and post office, so we see each other often. Most of the time, he doesn't dare look me in the eyes, haha!

This sounds cool. Might have to get the wife to try