Nipple piercings

I like the idea of Mrs T getting a nipple piercing. A little privet thing that only me and her know about. with the benefits of it looking great.

Has anyone got any personal experience ( pros and cons?)

Loads of info in this thread :)

I have both of mine done and I love them! As does anyone who happens to get their hands on the 😊
Simply, yes it does hurt but my goodness, it's worth it.
Can't say there are any long term cons, you certainly have to be careful when they're new but when they heal you have all kinds of fun!
The pros are you can get all kinds of beautiful jewellery for nipple piercings, make them looking so pretty. They become more sensitive, in a very, very nice way too.
So, painful but you will both love it!
Have fun 😊

My wife's are done, yes it hurt, but they can be fun( no problems if she's going to breast feed either ), have you/she considered getting her inner labia done? heal faster than nipples, very private, fun to tug on, she said hurt less than getting her boobs done, go for rings if she goes for the labia, bars ,we found, can go missing!

Thanks very helpful I'll let here browse as I have and see what she thinks 😄

No personal experience here unfortunately. But I love how they look and I hear they're great for sensations, seeing as the missus loves nipple play I'd love her to get them done, but there's no way she'd go for it.

Of all my piercings it was the only one that never healed and had to take it out. But I know plenty of people that have had no issue and have nothing but good things to say about it.

If my wife got her nipples pierced it would be a turn off for me, i would not put my mouth or hands near her nipples again. I hope i dont offend anyone by saying this.