Nipple suckers - feedback required

We're looking at trying these nipple suckers - sound interesting. 879#customer_reviews Have read the reviews but they seem too good to be true. Does anybody have these? Do they enlarge the nipple and make them more sensitive?

Maybe just me. But the link you posted is taking me to a discontinued butt plug 😂

Ha ha I'll have a look at the link

Here's the link

We found them very good. I have very small nipples and they really did make them longer. Hubby just li led them and stuck them on. You really do get a sensation. Good luck. Xx

I've not tried that particular pair but they're so pretty they've gone on my wishlist.

I was given a pair as a joke years ago and did try them. I didn't realise they'd work so well. A quick dab of lube, squeeze the air out and push into place before letting go and they really do make my nipples larger and very sensitive. My partner loves the effect.

Go for it - I'm sure you'll love them.

I have a version of these (just the normal purple, not colour changing ones! I'm in the same boat as maturecpl and have tiny nips (one also doesn't stick out due to a childhood accident haha), but found these did actually make a difference to it. They are worth purchasing.

I've got a standard black pair of nipple suckers and I love how they make my nipples look and feel

Good luck and enjoy

I have these, I think they are great, def inlarge nipples and make them more sensitive

We use them to get hers and my nipples erect so that we can put on the nipples clamps more easily. My nipples are particularly small so these help a lot. We haven't used them for longer periods though.

We have the plain purple variation. They are pretty effective. We found you have to push them on quite firmly to get them to stay in place but they work quite well on male or female nipples. They are easier to use than most nipple clamp type toys in my view and are less scary looking than some of them.

Thank you for the responses. How long do we leave them in for? Is it best to stick on sitting up with a fuller breast or does it work equally well if oh is led down?

I’ve just ordered a similar pair but different colour. They are due this week so I’ll let you know what we think

I do have these pair , I also have pair of the more older lovehoney ones which are abit firmer which are good when warmed up Which are larger.

the pair you talking about are a lot better than the the older ones but smaller insize. They definitely add to the size and sensitivity of the nipple. But like I said they are small I'd just be aware of that.

You can leave them on for five mins and built up to ten after a few days they become sensitive and they really made me horny unless it was just in my head. They take a little while to get use to as it's a pulling sensation but that's ok.

hope it helps

Mine are just the normal purple pair. No need to sit up . You can lay back. Have them on as long as they feel comfy. Sometime they may just pop off lol. Just enjoy. You will know if you feel you have to take them off. You do feel sensitive after. Xxx

I have the plain black ones. Like you, I was quite dubious to the idea of them but OMG I love them.

I don't use them that often with my husband but I do use them A LOT when masturbating. When having sex I find they can sometimes fall off with aggressive movements - and husband has this thing with man handling my boobs a lot.

But during masturbation they are sensational. The sensitivity they give your nipples is like nothing I had ever experienced before. I get extremely turned on just seeing them make my nipples swollen and engorged too.

My advice is just buy them, they're not too expensive and you will love them!


So lovely to se you again Married Girl. Xx💋❤

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So lovely to se you again Married Girl. Xx💋❤

Oh I'm always here lurking in the shadows even when I'm quiet ❤️

Me also. Xx💋❤

We have the pink ones, very easy to use and effective! Just ordered the nipple clamps with heart charms, will review them when used!