Nipple suction - leaking colostrum?!

I bought some of the Dominix nipple suctioner thingies - I’ve always wanted to try clamps but I thought the sensation of suction would be better. Took me a while to get it working right and create a seal, then I did and I thought it felt awesome and would try it later and took it off. Was absolutely shocked to find colostrum in it - I stopped breastfeeding two years ago! Now really paranoid about using them at all, or my husband going near my nipples with his mouth. Is this common? I hand expressed and pumped and hated it so seeing milk there is not a pleasant association!

It can happen but it’s not common. It may happen a couple of times. Try not to leave them on for too long but over time it should stop happening. If it persists your doctor maybe be able to help. Faced the same problem with my first ex.

I admit I used to drink my wifes milk(when she was breastfeeding lots of guys do) , we tried the suckers many years later and found the first time some "rather strange colour" stuff came out, have to say we didn't use them again but I do suck on her nips lots still with no effect.

This happened to me! It was a bit of a shock, and it’s years since I breastfed. Think it was too much nipple stimulation. Has happened since, but we just don’t make a big deal of it to be honest!