Njoy pure wand Prostate Fun

Merry Christmas everyone!

Just wanted to express my satisfaction with the Njoy pure wand! I received this toy from Lovehoney just before the holidays and have had a few interesting masturbatory (if thats a word lol) experiences with it. The best was last night.

To start off, currently being on holidays, I have suddenly been very horny. Not sure why but probably due to having no work stress and more me time.

Last night I decided to get fired up by looking at some porn and give the wand a whirl. I own and have used several specific prostate toys (Lelo Loki wave, Aneros progasm, tantus dildo etc) but I can honestly say none of these compare to the pure wand.

Anyways moving on, I got comfortable last night, lubed up (lovehoney anal lube ftw) and inserted the small end of the toy into my bum. After a bit of maneuvering, I found my prostate. I used a combo of small thrusts and small cantilever motions to press the toy into my prostate, slowly feeling the pleasure build.

After a while I felt almost a warm/hot feeling radiating through my rectum and into my penis. At first it felt strange as I’ve never has this experience before with any other toy but decided to keep going. I also felt a strong sensation of needing to pee which freaked me out at first, however I pushed through it as I had already used the loo before starting play.

Continuing play, I keyed in on this needing to pee sensation and slowly worked the wand with slight presses on my prostate. Man oh man did this feel good. I noticed lots of precum dribbling out at this point. I kept going slowly repeating this motion and letting the pleasure build.

At some point, I felt pressure building in my rectum and a sensation of almost of something like my bum wanting to clamp down on the toy and pull it inward. All of a sudden my anus and rectum began contracting involuntarily. This was quite suprising as I’ve never experienced this before and was almost a bit uncomfortable as my bum clamped down hard on the wand. I almost felt like I needed to ejaculate but never did.

I continued for a bit more time, however could not reach the point of orgasm. All this time I never did touch my penis.

This was only my third time using the pure wand and my first time having an experience like this. I am really impressed with this toy and know see why its so popular. I can honestly say that the pure wand will likely become my new favorite toy for anal and p-spot play. I see why this toy is so widely popular with all genders as it can be used by anyone. I can only imagine what this toy must do for those with a g-spot.

Njoy has designed a brilliant toy, and although pricey I can highly recommend it to everyone. Just note that if you intend to use anally, it is not the best choice if your fairly new to anal penetration as there is absolutely no give to this toy being stainless steel.

Thankyou to Lovehoney for having this on sale a short time ago and sending this out. You are a great company and very sex positive which I like. Its great that we have this forum to talk about sex and other usually private matters in a positive safe environment.

Merry Christmas to all and stay safe in during this crazy times.


It’s great to hear people enjoying their toys and I’m sure people will pick up some good tips from your experience.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your continuing exploration with the njoy wand!

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Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.

Damn! I’ve been out of action just under a fortnight and I missed a njoy discount!

Steel toys are so great for slow long sessions.

Theres a ton of good stuff Here. Tips, anecdotes, toy recommendation s and all sorts of stuff. Its really long but worth reading theough as theres a whole host of useful stuff in there

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The Njoy is definitely one of those prostate toys that are absolutely essential. Just a really great toy.

I’ve finally think I’ve mastered pspot stimulation with this toy. Have enjoyed several amazing sessions with the pure wand over the last few weeks and am amazed at the pleasure I have experienced. Have experienced what I believe are multiple pspot orgasms sending wave after wave of pure pleasure through my body. Loving this newfound source of pleasure and the endorphin rush is provides.

Let us know or share if you ever see the njoy pure wand back on sale, thanks.

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The Njoy Pure Wand is currently reduced by 20%, then with the Black Friday code makes it £95. £10 cheaper than nearest rival.