No hands

Is it possible for a guy to cum using no hands or even touching he’s dick. Always wanted to try but just couldn’t do it any tips or tricks for this ?


Hi Mr Man

I’ve never managed it. I can with various vibratos but that’s still touching the penis.

Search for a post on prostrate super orgasm. That looks interesting if you fancy some anal play.

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@Mr.man1 Do you mean without any toys? and solo time?

What works for me is Scent and also Sound.

When i was in a relationship i would keep inhaling her scent. Scent is one of my kinks that gets me off.

Sound when I could hear her having a pleasurable time when i was fingering her etc… but not being touched myself then i could cum very easily i was fortunate to have some audio only recordings for when i was alone.

Sound still works for me but being single means it takes that bit longer, I can listen to porn with my headphones and not have my monitor on. for this i have to be intune with my body and be in a comfortable atmosphere with not much sound going on around me.


Just anal toys I could use but I don’t want to touch my dick at all and try to cum. Yes solo play too I might try your technique so thanks for the comment

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I’ll have a look into it thank you

Certainly possible, I came once sat at my desk in the office, realised I was very hard (no idea why as I was working on the computer), feeling just became very intense and … at the end of the day it it is just like a wet dream but you are awake.

Other methods are the estim approch where the pulses of electricity stimulate you and of course the normal prostate massagers.


O and another one i have only recently discovered, being on my own i have been doing a bit of air humping, no idea how it makes me cum but it does :joy: i have to be feeling rather horny for it to work.

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Yes absolutely it is possible to Cum without any physical stimulation and it’s absolutely amazing when your mind get so sexually and emotionally invested in your OH yes the beautiful mind is amazing indeed the pleasures you are given to your partner, the sounds the smells the tastes the touch, absolutely I have cum whilst fully immersed with absolutely no physical contact to my Cock.

Not sure if there are Tip or Tricks I would say it’s within everyone reach to really slow down to really appreciate that what we do and how we do it can absolutely have amazing impacts on the person giving also.

I Simply slow right down I be as mindful but as purposeful as i possibly can to everything around me, I taste every thing with real purpose and I mean everything, I breath in all the scents around me as deep as my lungs allow I look at every part of her body and I see every reaction to my actions I focus in on those very positive signs of pleasure I touch her body with delicate but purposeful strokes with my tongue or fingers i seek verbal confirmation from her I tell her how she is making me feel I slow everything right down, i constantly look for eye contact I prolong her orgasm I leave no part of her in any doubt that I am totally connected to her pleasure and when I feel the un mistakable tingle I will take her to orgasm and as she does I cum with her.

It’s extremely intense for me and for her and it might take 20 mins to get to this point :blush: I might just be a freak of nature but I can live with that :slight_smile: and I know she absolutely loves it when I take my mind in to this place.

Hope this helps

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Many say a wand can help achieve this no hands climax


I can definitely confirm that :star_struck: A wand can make me cum with no hands or touching and just vibration through the tip. Great sensation / orgasm and happens pretty quickly for me.

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Yes definitely, like most things it is a state of mind. Think erotic thoughts and just let the intensity build.


@Daisy1982 what wand was that? I’ve commented on the main search bar prostrate orgasm and have been close using aneros prograsm and other toys but not achieved just yet… and really want to tick it off my bucket list! :wink:

Hey @Fire_Ice1 :star_struck: it was one of the original wand brands and we have had it for about 15/20years and going strong :muscle:

It’s mains powered and looks similar to this LH one, but was about 50 quid more.

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Prostate stimulation can make you cum handfree a good prostate massage of a toy or girlfriend. But you have to fancy some anal play. Personally I am a really big fan of anal play and doing it for years. Stimulating my prostate by riding a nice dildo or by a buttplug or my wife playing with some fingers or more down there.

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@Daisy1982 how do you use the wand for hands free? I’ve used LH g spot vibrating dildo pressed into my perineum (external prostate) and managed to cum that way a few times rnbrhen go into a normal Penis orgasm afterwards @Beats69 I have quite a few anal djkdos and butt plugs and prostate massages and enjoy it just need to get the be all and end all hands free male super o.

I basically just have to buy the wand at base of penis and crank vibration up. The vibration then just runs through penis / balls and within couple of mins :sweat_drops:

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@Daisy1982 cool that’s what I do with g spot vibrating dlido. Down back of shaft, bit on head, deep in balls, but I’ve held it and rubbed over my perineum whilst having aneros progasm in p butt plug and comed a few times that way. Few of them were definitely perineum external prostate massage, some others were a mixture of intense shaft and balls stimulation.

Different type of cum comes out slightly greyer milkier.

No hands…hands free…yes, as many have mentioned already it is possible.

tips or tricks? one thing I have been successful with and I’ve not seen anyone mention it yet (and why I reply to an older post) is using a massaging shower head to completion for an HFO. I’ve been far more successful in the shower than with prostate massagers. It takes a bit of experimenting, for me anyway, with water pressure and temperature but yeah I have done this many times.

prostate massagers I’ve not used as often, I’ve completed twice with them, once like a normal 7 to 8 shot pulsing ejaculation, the other time was a thicker, slow, constant flow of cum, no shooting in spurts.

When my is GF playing with my pierced nipples she can make me cum. It’s better with rings in as she can stimulate them better. She can make me cum easily this way but I usually tell her to stop as it’s usually foreplay. She can also make me cum dripping hard by pegging me from behind.

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What about Hot Octopuss Jett? They are hands free