No luck with prostate massagers

So far I've tried 2 massagers and just getting nothing at all. It's very frustrating. I dont know what I'm doing wrong.

I had to try several before I found one that did a satisfactory job .

The biggest thing that made a difference is the vibration speed . Myself found the lowest rumble speed and the varying selection seem to work best most of the time . Other days I get the great feeling by using the LH basic 9" dildo in cock shape . I have also been trying cock stuffing with a 9" dual ended probe . Only got there twice that way . Good luck !

Which ones are you using? They're not all for everyone and a lot of it is mentally stimulated.

I enjoy using vibrating plugs or prostate massagers. I even wear a remote control version when we go out together but I've never been close to orgasming just from prostate stimulation alone.

Hi I'm using this one Aneros Progasm Ice Prostate Massager Black It doesn't vibrate it just sits in there.

The below is just based on my experience, YMMV

There's two potential stumbling blocks for this kind of fun in my opinion. The type of toy, and the technique. The technique is almost the complete opposite of how a man would usually get off solo, so if you see it as a normal kind of session but with a different organ, it's not going to work no matter what toy you try.

The absolute easiest way to achieve it is to have someone do it for you. Someone who already knows how to do it will blow your mind at how easily they do it. Someone who hasn't done it before will still have an easier job than you will doing it solo.

If you don't have another person you can bring on board I very much recommend reading around the subject online. There are some good articles about finding the right mindset to enjoy this very different kind of orgasm. It may take a long time and a few different toys, think like a year of infrequent "unsuccessful" play, minimum.

Good luck!! :)

Wee question to anyone that uses prostate massager, would you use anal douche every time before you get busy? OH has took it rather bad that I don't want her fingers up my arse, I can't shift the image of her having dirty fingers when she's finished. Surely it'll ruin any fun afterwards.

I am new to prostate massaging never thought in a million yesrs i would ever think about putting something up my arse. After reading long and hard about the pleasures of other peoples experiences i thought i would give it a go. Well my first go was a disaster i couldnt get it up . I took a shower relaxed as much as i could. Used that much lube that it kept falling out of my hand. I just couldnt find the right position comfortable enough . After a few tries it did go up a bit but then that was it no further without it being somewhat uncomfortable. Any tips would be greatly received as i dont want to give up at the first hurdle. I know we all have to start the process all the same but to be honest im a bit scared it will hurt especially after the first encounter.

There is a whole spectrum of articles that you can find relating to prostate play, for both men and women.

The idea of inserting something in that area is on consensus a no no, that area after all is some thing that is seen for one purpose and one purpose only, as you grow up your "Bum" is just that and not a sex region.Therefore the idea of inserting some thing into that region is similar to listening to a foreign language that you do not understand.

The anus was designed for one purpose, not that of a sexual or reproducing one, therfore why would you want to play around in that area. Well there is a simple answer, nerve endings.

Around the anus there are lots of nerve endings, each of which will give pleasure when stimulated correctly. A male can infact orgasm from anal penetration, without contact with the penis.

There are issues with anal play, the anus and prostate are very tight by design, if any foreign objects are introduced the anus will constrict, purely as a protection process. Any foreign objects would have to be introduced slowly and built up over time. By doing so your body will eventually except the object being inserted, especially if you are relaxed and your muscles are relaxed. It is initially painfull, hence your anus will constrict, but once you learn to relax your entire body you will find the anal canal will not "Fight against it" so to speak.

There are many anal toys on the market, to start I would look for the smallest non vibrating toy. That way you can teach your body to accept a new foreign object. Your brain will eventually accept that the pain it is experiencing is something of pleasure and not danger, and therefore it will not send signals to your anal muscles ordering it to clamp up or shut down.

Overtime, your anal canal will become loose, you will eventually find that you can insert larger items. But remeber this, if you play around for a while then leave it for a period of time, the memory of that pleasure will have dispersed, you will have to start over.

You started of will small toys and progressed, well that is when it gets really interesting. For both men and women, the inner parts of that particular part of the anatomy when touched, can be amazing. Honestly, the sensations created by some one or yourself playing around there is really really good. The more you play the the more the anal canal opens and stretches, the easier it is to insert objects.

I am still unsure as to weather streathing that part of your body is wise or not, some people in porn films have really gone over the top with consequences, but with the toys available for just playful fun it should not be a problem. I have used quite a few Prostate toys over the years and not had an issue.

Overall, start small even though you may not get a lot of pleasure innitially, then move up. To add it only takes a couple of CM of insertion for you to start feeling aroused.

Agree with most of what DancesWithPenguins says but it shouldn't be painful. If it's painful you've gone too big too fast. I have never once felt any pain doing anal play.

Thanks for the reply i know it doesnt always work first time and a bit of practice needed. I purchased the Lelo Hugo only after reading reviews that its ok for beginners. As mentioned it went up a bit but no further as it was a bit painful. And with nit being able to get it up in several positions made it a bit more stressful. With experience from any other users what would you recommend if the Hugo is to big for first time bearing in mind this bad boy was expensive

I too have had problems with prostate massagers not either sitting in the right place or just not putting pressure in anyway on the prostate.

I have only had one that worked well but no hands free orgasm, which was the Rocks off Big Boy Intense purchased from LH. It works well and put preasure in the right places even though it was a little diffcult to get the third bulb in, you had to twist it to get it past your prostate.

When in and if the rechargable vibrator would switch on it works very well and comfortable, but even when relaxing and having it inserted vibrating away for near an hour I had plenty of precum galore but never a hands free orgasm in any way, lots of new pleasureable feelings and quivers though.

One day hopefully will find a prostate massager that works for me, but in addition my wife and I enjoy pegging which brings myself to a near hands free orgasm that will nt be far away.