Non-latex condoms

Hi, I'll follow up this thread as well as I have tried Avanti and found them great. They are more expensive, but also have the best looking Durex box I've seen so far.
The texture is different and the size comfortable for me.
I also gave them to an Irish/Quebec guy and he tried them and agreed that they didn't break like those damn Okamoto 003s.
I get irritation because the condom sizes in China are smaller than those available in Watsons and 711 in Hong Kong and there are also lots of fake Durexs around.
I think latex really can be irritating for some people and different girls have some kungfu which can irritate the ring at the base a lot. I didn't notice any different in this with the Avanti but they were comfortable and felt great.
On a side note: Cock rings with any condoms can help a lot in keeping them in place, pleasure her, enhance your size and protect the base.

And back to the topic: Did you find any better solutions CaptainJamie?