Non-Sexual Escorting

Has anyone done it/do it?

I'm looking for an extra form of income and have found this to be something im really interested in

I've found some agenies that are either 'Your adults, if you want more when your on a date its your choice and you negotiate the price' or stictly non-sexual - no compromise! (the latter being the ones of interest as selling myself for sex is a no go!)

Looking for any tips, advice, places to try, things to know that they don't tell you etc etc

N.B - Please don't judge or criticize me, its my choice and nothing is definite yet! I'm looking around for info etc now before i make my decision. I'm not stupid and i'm not jumping into anything without doing my research!



I always understood "Escort" work to be pretty much universally a sexual thing. Of course it's not allowed to be marketed as such, legally, so the agancies either insist that what goes on is not sexual (as far as they know) or admit that sex happens but take no responsibility for that part of the service.

Please be careful, and ask plenty of searching questions before signing up with any agency.

All the best,

MrMr would be able to give you a much better answer, but I would be very surprised if there is any such thing.

"Unfortunately non-sexual escorting doesn't really exist - there's no demand for it, these websites are set up by con artists hoping to trick you out of your money. As an escort you may be asked to have 'social time' with a client (fairly rare) but this will be alongside sexual services in the bedroom (i.e dinner and then back to a hotel)."

I had a quick google (yes, I am that bored), almost certainly a scam, they charge you a set up fee, and then you get no bookings, because no one is interested in paying to take you out to Dinner and not have sex afterwards.

Although oddly, apparently a lot of calls to sex chat lines are none sexual

You know my view babe just make sure your safe you are what that matters x

I know a couple of people who have worked as escorts. One male, one female. They are listed etc andtold etc that it is a non-sexual blah blah blah. The truth is that it is sex work. They have both had very rare bookings that haven't involved sex, but that is the rarity.

I know a few escorts and I'm sorry to say, this isn't a movie. It's paid sex with a legal mask.

Good luck if you find something non sexual.

I considered it to, but like the other said it does seem like it's just a legal way of advertising sex.

Have a look at working on a sex chatline; that's what i've decided to do. It's a lot safer and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Good luck! x