Non-vibrating clitoral stimulation?

I have never found a good range of clit toys beyond vibes - the only things around at the moment are sqweel/clamps/pumps. I know in the past I had some textured finger 'sleeves' but I can't find anything like it now, and would love something made of silicone rather than hard plastic. Anyone got any recommendations? Or anything meant for vibration that they use without? Or do I need to think outside the box and try working with a dildo? I'd appreciate your thoughts :)

The only thing I can think of is something like this but without the vibrating function?

I'm sure someone will find something more suitable if that isn't any good :)

Tantus do a range of pure silicone finger sleeves (Not actually finger sleeves, they have bullet vibes in them but they work well as finger sleeves if the bullet is removed and insert your finger instead) Check out the Tantus "Little Secrets" range. Another toy that might be of interest is the Je Joue Sasi which is different because it is supposed to mimic oral sex. It is silicone and a little ball moves around, ahh check it out on Youtube, as I can't explain it as well as you could see it for yourself. Then there is the expensice eroscillator, which, as the name suggests, does not vibrate, rather oscillates back and forth and gets rave reviews.

Here is a "kind of" option found on Lovehoney:

Another option might be, like you suggest, thinking outside the box and picking up a nubbed, textured glass or silicone dildo and using their texture to stimulate the clitoris.

I will have a think if I can come up with any more.

What about a tenga egg?

I know they're supposed to be male toys, but it might be what you're looking for. They feel amazing! Almost like jelly, and I've always wanted something the same material as it for myself, then when I've read this post it's made me think it could be used for clitoral stimulation too. There's loads of rubber nodules on it, and I often turn it inside out to clean it (we only use our toys together, so I do the cleaning!), you could quite wearily wear this as a sort of mitten, inside out, and lube it up and use the nodules for stimulation, I'm going to try it out actually!!

The only problem is, it's supposed to be a one use toy. Me and others, judging by reviews, have realised that with care and a good clean with LH toy cleaner, you can use it for longer. And as it won't be stretched as much I can imagine you would be able to use it quite a lot.

Some of them are on offer - 2 for £15 too!!

How about this it only vibrates for 30mins so you could use it without the vibrations after its run out of battery. It looks nice and textured.

Also, I know you said you wouldn't want plastic but something like this could be good too you could use the nodules, again without turning on the vibrations. this is pretty good too. I got rid of the bullet vibe but kept sleeve because it was a nightmare to get into the battery compartment. Again, you could use it without the vibrations. Or put the sleeve on your finger!

Just my pennies worth but this might be what your looking for !

If its for you and a partner this but dont turn it on

LH don't sell them but somewhere else i also shop from sells "Silicone Teasers" by California Exotics they are textured finger sleeves might just be what you're looking for

Hi, welcome to the forums! I've had a look around and aside from what everyone has recommended, I found this: which although it's meant for penetration, I reckon you could use it for clit stimulation too because of the great texture! Icicles do a similar glass dildo too that you might be interested in. Hope this helps! X

Wow, there are some really great suggestions here, thank you for this - I would never have thought to even look in the male sex toy section for ideas. I'll keep an open mind and hopefully find something that works for me - I'll be sure to review it if I do. Great reference post and great community :)