Norgeston Constraceptive Pill Experiences - Effecting Sex Drive

Hi there, I'm after some feedback from any females or males with partners on a 'POP' progesterone only pill, but more so Norgeston. My fiancee has been on the pill for a while, and takes them to help with the symptoms on endometriosis, as well as the obvious. We've been together for 13 years and still have a good sex life (maybe a couple of times a week) but it doesn't seem as explosive/experimental as it used to be and sometimes feels like an effort to get any form of excitement beforehand other than getting into bed and just seeing what happens at the time. From what I've read and always known that the pill does have an effect of sex drive, but I'm keen to know how much as it's hard to understand the idea of not wanting to have sex or a touch etc at every given chance. We've got plenty of toys and use them now and again, probably do more things than a lot of people have done too, but not so much lately. I'd love her to enjoy herself more and experiment more but she just doesn't seem bothered to do anything, certainly not think about it in the day or evening which has an effect on the night. I've suggested different toys, things to try and do, phone apps such as Kindu, and different things in the bedroom, but most just get a 'no' response, which is simply just the worst turn off, just doesn't want to try anything. So anyway back to the pill, I'm pretty sure this is the route cause of the issue, but want to hear from other people their stories, and how they got back on track whether it be a different pill or coming off completely, Also if you did come off the pill how long did it take and what differences did you notice? Thanks for taking the time to read this, from what I've read online I know the replies I'm going to get, but think the people on this community are more than likely to give more intimate details than most.

Evening! Now I'm not on the same pill as mentioned but I am on cerazette/cerelle which is a progesterone only pill. I've been on it for about 10 years now. Now I'm not gonna lie, this did absolutely kill my sex drive and I mean really kill it. I hated everything to do with sex. I'd never really been a touchy feely person, but this pill seemed to make it 100x worse. It made me a hormonal butthole and just a bit of a mare to be around. However, after a few years on it (I know years sound crazy), things seem to have settled down. I get myself off daily and feel a whole load better and actually want sex and actually enjoy it. The only downside is that sometimes sex can be painful after a while. I do know some people do not get on with POPs at all because they don't react well with them. If going to alternative pill/form of contraception is an option, I would suggest looking into it. I do hope you manage to find something that works for you!

Thanks for your reply. It sounds very similar indeed.. she's been on the pill for probably around 10 years or so also, changed a couple of times as the last one she was on used to give her headaches, but switched to this one and that's possible when it started to drop. Shes the same with the touchy feely stuff too, often can get a hand pushed away if its slightly too close to certain areas, even if theres not intention of doing anything! I just wish she could be a bit more like you are now where you enjoy yourself with it and do do for enjoyment not because you have to. Seems like a good form of contraception if you never want sex in the first place! lol


New to the forum and realise this post was from a while back, but hopefully still going?!

I was on cerezette for over ten years. Began to have terrible pain which made sex a no go, and basically killed my sex drive. Turns out it had basically obliterated my oestrogen! Now been on a new combined pill since the start of the year and the pain has basically gone. Sex drive has improved, but still incredibly low and much lower than OH. Wondering if either of you (or anyone else) have had any improvements or tips from the last year?


I was on Cerazette for 6 months. It killed my sex drive dead and I’ve always had a very high one.

I think they class it as a contraceptive as no woman I know that’s taken it ever has sex!

Seriously, though, if you’re using ANY form of contraceptive that kills your sex drive (and your relationship after a while) or gives you any other form of unacceptable side effects go back to your GP or Family Planning clinic (often found within the GUM clinics these days) and ask to try something different.

There are several forms of progesterone so you may be lucky and get one that works for you.

You’re having sex and using a contraceptive. This should not mean you have to accept side effects that make sex unappealing or dissatisfying. Nor should it make you depressed or moodier than your normal cycle would. I don’t want to sound sexist but men wouldn’t accept these side effects and neither should women.

If your GP is unwilling to try a different brand or type of contraceptive, see another GP or head for the FP clinic.

Life is too short for bad sex. Or worse, no sex!


I was on the implant for 13 years and it definitely took its toll on my sex drive. I briefly used the pill, but it gave me awful cramps. I put up with the implant for so long because I didn’t feel comfortable with anything else.

Getting my tubes tied is probably the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. I wish I could have had it done at 18.

@VR - you’re right. I feel a bit sad that my sexual youth has passed me by, but I’m damn well making up for it now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m happy to share my experience if it helps anyone - it’s quite a long story but at least it has a happy ending!

I’ve tried a few different POP and Combi pills over the years; I started quite young to control ridiculous amounts of erratic bleeding and pain and then obviously used for the other contraceptive properties!
I have tried Cerazette in the past but it made me suicidal, so something in there obviously didn’t agree with me. I settled nicely on Micronor (POP) quite happily for a few years until a mixture of an ectopic miscarriage and a number of endocrine (hormonal) health issues for some reason forced a change to try combi. I won’t bore you all with the details on which ones I tried (and that failed because of breakthrough bleeding and pain) but the one with the 'least’ side effects for me that kept everything else under control was Microgynon. I say *least because it absolutely destroyed my sex drive after a while. I was a hormonal mess in the end, suffering debilitating migraines each month and I was sure the pill was making my long term conditions harder to control, which in turn made me feel even worse and sexually numb. I took my concerns to my health team several time but I was brushed off for several years until I took a diary of evidence to a different Dr. They were horrified that I’d had to go through this for years and promptly set me on Noriday which has been a complete revelation. (Interestingly I believe it has the same active ingredient as Micronor all those years ago!)
I’ve been on this one for a couple of years now and my drive has never been better. I’m making the most of my liberation to feel good now but like @Mint-Monster and @VR, it does make me so sad a furious I had to ‘put up with it’ and we lost all of that time. There are so many different types of pill - it’s just finding the one that works for you and not putting up with what are perceived to be ‘ok’ side effects - They are not.

I’m tempted to get tied but as I’m in an OK place at the moment I’m a bit apprehensive about changing anything, but it would be good to hear other experiences if anyone wants to share. :slight_smile: