Not allowed to cum

So having watched "the shower lady" this morning and seeing how turned on it made the hubby, well it's turned me into a horny mess!!
Right from that time the hubby said I wasn't allowed to play and enjoy my naughty thoughts until he was to make me cum, "no cuming" with that boss look in his eyes!
So I've posted naughty pics, looked at naughty pics wore my kegels and still I didn't cum.
Well it's 20:37 and I'm still a horny mess and I haven't cum! He better make make it worth my while (I know he will)
But I can't concentrate, not even on dinner!
Am i the only one that's gets worked up like this?

In a simple word, no!

I'm guessing you're single?

I'm exactly the same! If I'm in the mood and I don't get, I go insane!

Yes I am.

Phew!!!! Thought it was just me, I do love knowing that when he does make me cum it's going to be amazing.
He's teased and touched me all day, watched me get frustrated and smiled at me knowing just how much I need and want it!

no your not on your own my OH is the same. She can get wet by just looking at me and then she really wants it doesnt matter where we are...SUCH FUN

I'm the same, he makes me wet just by the way he drive the car!
It makes things more intense between us!

No you are definitely not, we love edging each other. I hope he is sharing. You didn't let him or make him cum this morning? We=are doing exactly the same this evening. Both have a day off tomorrow. So planning a late slow teasing night. See the thread "ladies get one".

Oh yes! If I can't cum, he can't! Although it's drove me crazy today, I think just from the voyeurism earlier!
God help our neighbours tonight!
Oh I saw that thread! Interesting, I need to invest x

it is unbelievably funny though,youve got to laugh.Just one look at each other and you both know whats going on

My leg shakes when I get horny, he looks at it and gives me that look x

Yes that's the bit that until you are in a real trusting loving relationship the mental side is missing and the fact that you didn't know what you were missing. Physical sex is wonderful but when you have the emotional piece to it is astonishing .

We've been together 5 years, married 5 months. And things are amazing. No secrets, we can read each other like a book, open about everything. Sex without sex is amazing x

No I am in the same boat insensatiable i think the word is, I cant spanked iif I cum without permisson or play so much fun being on edge

I like to get the wife on the brink of cumming right before she heads to work, then send her naughty texts all day. By the evening its alot of fun!

Love being on the edge, my body feels every touch like it was the first from him'

Oh I do the same with the hubby, don't allow him my body before work, then tease him with photos and videos till he gets home. Then when he's home it doesn't even get to the bedroom on some occasions. Love it.

Oh how I love doing that to my wife :-)

We have been together for 25 yrs and we are still finding things and ways to thrill each other . We both say it keeps getting better and better and better. The knowing how to edge your OH is amazing and stimulating their minds and body. It's like Christmas some times even as a man I like to give more than receive.