Not swallowing cum at a swingers club - will it be frowned on?

My wife and I are wanting to go to a swingers club and I had stated I did not want her to swallow another man’s cum. What are the etiquettes for doing this?

Seems a little odd that she can literally take another man’s penis in her vagina / bottom but you are concerned about taking a cum shot in her mouth …

Personally I feel if you are into swinging you cannot lay down these type of rules - it’s all or nothing

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We haven’t ever been to a swingers club but pretty sure no one is ever forced to do something they don’t want to do. Make what ever rule you want, just make them clear with any interested parties from the start.

I’m sure someone with experience will give you better advice soon.

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You can put whatever boundaries you want in place. Swinging isn’t a free for all! And most sex clubs that I’ve looked into, seem to have condoms freely available but its always a good idea to bring your own.

And if anyone that you may want to engage with challenges your boundaries, then you politely move on.

Just tell the person, there will be no swallowing, and to signal when he’s close to orgasm so that she can direct his cum elsewhere. Simples, don’t make it a thing and it won’t be a thing :tipping_hand_man:t2:


I never said anywhere in my message that she could literally take a man’s penis in her vagina. Not even the slightest we are soft swap and I have certain boundaries that are not to be crossed and swallowing is one of them and in my opinion it’s not all or nothing that’s how stds get contracted


Thank you and I agree it is not a free for all and we are just new to this idea of enhancing our love for each other. And we are wanting to fulfill a fantasy of doing this

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It might help to know the people beforehand, there will be lots of people just like you and your wife. If you’ve not already, have a look at fabswingers, I’ll warn you that it is a bit of a nightmare if you don’t set your message preferences. But it’s a great place to get to chat with people who go to clubs, and some of the clubs have profiles on there and arrange events which usually have a social night the day or 2 before.

Or just jump straight in and go to a club. I’m in N.I and the clubs are very few over here, in that there are none! I’dneed to go to the South to go to one. I’ve stalked them though :rofl:

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I haven’t been to one yet but I’m pretty sure condoms are free and available or if your wife is not happy with them cumming in her mouth then to be honest that should be one of the first things she mentions to people there. Have fun though :slightly_smiling_face:


Depends on the rules of the venue/party/event, etc look them up before you go just so you have an idea.

If you informed your wife of what you wanted and she agreed then you should be good. No one should be doing anything without the consent of all people involved, otherwise its assault, if there’s an issue then inform the host/monitors of the event immediately.

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Consent is everything. The only people that have the right to have an opinion on your rules as you and your wife. Communicate your boundaries before starting to play with anyone, that way if they really want to cum in someone’s mouth, you can all politely decline to play with each other and each find more compatible play partners.


It is most certainly not a free for all and certainly not all or nothing. Bit shocked at reading some of these comments to be honest.

As a couple you need to discuss together what’s within limits, things you’d definitely be okay doing, some that you’d maybe like to try if the setting is right and things that are definitely off the cards.

Fab swingers is definitely a good place to start but you 100% filter through the messages. As a single female, some of the messages I got were horrific.

Communication is key between both of you is key when trying something like this for the first time and for the parties you decide to play with/involve etc.

It really is a fun thing to get into, just don’t rush into it until you’ve fully discussed everything :purple_heart:


Totally agree with you. :clap:

I think I disagree with this …… each to their own and I think if you want to keep something as a couple that you keep to yourself then it should be fine. Personally my wife can do anything from sucking swallowing anal and penetration but I’m not sure how I feel about someone else going down on her :man_shrugging:t3: go figure :joy:. I don’t have any other limits than that and there’s nothing she coukd ask that I would say no too other than scat or knife play I think


Just set your boundaries with the people you swing with and it shouldn’t be a problem