Nude beaches in the UK

Hi all Last year after a nice weekend in Brighton, we accidentally stumbled on the nude beach there. Didnt even know there was one! Our feet were hot and hurting so cut across the beach and paddled in the cold sea. Sitting down i looked across and noticed two guys getting out the water naked. And then after further inspection noticed a couple sunbathing naked and two women naked. Was all very exciting. She loved it too, was naughty to suddenly see it.

We both love being naked and are often house nudists. Due to the time we had to go back, but wanted to know are there many nude beaches in the UK? Anyone been on them? We really want to try and prob will soon. We noticed also when booking a hotel the once it was a nudist hotel, we chickened out... But again really wanna try. I know its not a place for sex or naughtiness, but the idea of being free really excites us and will undoubtedly lead to lots of sex later on. Gets us both very aroused. After the nude beach in brighton, we went back to the hotel and had lots of hot sex.

The idea of it is exciting and being watched while totally nude and free. Again, we know thats not why a lot of people do it. But its deffo and exciting thought for us.

There are a few around, if you look at the British Naturism website you'll find a list. Any form of sex on the beach will get you into trouble, our favourite one, Studland near Poole, has police patrolling (in shorts!) because of previous incidents.

We prefer French nude beaches, there are more of them and they are always hotter!

If you want nudity and sex as well as being watched, try a swinger club.

I didnt say we wanted sex on the beach, and we know its not allowed. I said we wanted to try a nude beach which undoubtedly would get us hot for sex later, and the idea of being watched naked, not being watched during sex. Yes one of your earlier posts made us realise theres a swingers club round the corner from us in darlaston. Might have a look.