for 8 years ive been a part time nudist. its liberating being nude in the house or in a private location outside. im used to being perved on so it doesnt bother me now and if theres woods nearby its easy to have a quick bonk. anybody else do nudism? xx

I used to literally live naked in my old house lol, where I currently live I'm normally wearing a t shirt or underwear at max unless I'm going out or someone is staying over.

yh i know what u mean i have underwear and top on now xx

We always have naked days both of us if we in house! I am naked now hehe

me too, naked with all on show x

haha ok ive took my pants off now xx

so still have the tee on, cheat!

I live in Spain I only put clothes on to go out I have neibours but only part of the year started been a nudist over 30 years ago in France did it on and off since , but now all the time Dxx

oh ffs tshirt off then lol gees lol xx

Good good wish I could see haha jokin

When alone in house often naked thou see it looking up at me does lead me into temptation!!! lol

I love naked tattooed women anyone help? Ha

been involved with naturism for quite a few years now.

Love being on the beach or at a naturist club. Theres a few other threads on this too

i bet theres a lot of nudist camp babies. hehe. im on the pill so im safe xx

Oh really what's that mean? 😉😉

ha! Most naturist sites in the UK, or which I have been to anyway, are far from places full of people making babies! The average age of memebrs is well into retirement age!

What's that mean Megan d ? Lol

it means nude girls. nude boys. things go places lol xx

megan.d wrote:

i bet theres a lot of nudist camp babies. hehe. im on the pill so im safe xx

I think you might be thinking more of voyeurism than nudism, as nudism generally has little and in most cases nothing at all to do with sex :)

Lol when's the next time you goin Megan and where? Lol