Numbing cream

It’s not a toy but it’s a LH product so best to ask in here!

I’m looking for a numbing cream that is safe to use on all body parts and extremely strong - it’s not to last longer, it’s for role play… :smiling_imp:

Personally I wouldn’t use numbing creams. Your body is reacting like that for a reason, and I think you should listen to it.


They sound like a terrible idea to me too. Pain is your body telling you to stop.
In my opinion, you should listen and stop, unless you enjoy that pain and in that case there’s no need for it either.

Is there a specific reason you think it might be useful to you?

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Sorry I might have been misleading slightly, this isn’t for pain or torture. It’s part of a denial role play


Do not use numbing cream on any other bits. It’s burns like hell trust me.

Of course… that makes sense.

I’m sorry I can’t help, never used those.


Ok, I was looking at the delay creams on LH - any experience ?

I used to love the Rear Entry anal cream, lovehoney used to sell but I’m not sure if they still do, it had benzicane in it, you felt the pressure and pleasure but the pain wasn’t as bad… Still there but made it bareable

You don’t need cream though, just start small, leave the object in slightly to help you relax around it (don’t leave any anal toy unsupervised if it doesn’t have a flared base) Also LOADS OF LUBE

I’ve tried it before and I wasn’t right for a week so I suggest not using them ever.

I like their own brands personally

You could try using oil of cloves, which is body safe (it can be used in the mouth to treat dental pain). It does taste horrible though (not surprisingly, it has a very strong clove flavour!) It is antiseptic as well as anaesthetic.