Oh! Point product return question.

I've been considering getting a friend of mine a toy for Christmas. Last year I got her the Jessica rabbit slim, which she likes, but finds purchasing batteries annoying - I end up giving her packs of batteries. So I thought I'd get her a rechargeable toy, but due to the lack of money, I might be using my Oh! points to purchase it. I was hoping to treat myself really, but I guess I can always save more up =).

Now the toy I was considering, is a toy I haven't tried myself. I've given my friend a few other vibrators over the year, mainly small ones, but she always ends up using her rabbit. So I wanted to get her this toy:


but I'm not sure if she'd get along with the textures, or clit stimulator. So I was wondering how returns worked when purchaing something with Oh! Points? Are you able to get the Oh! points refunded?

I really like the idea of getting her a rachargeable toy, and a rabbit does seem the best option. I also know she likes to use her toys in the bath, and the G4 toy can be used in the bath (I think). I did have a look else where, and even though some of the rechargeable rabbits where cheaper, some couldn't be used in the bath. Also, some of them where made from materials which I personally wouldn't want to use.

Maybe if I get lucky I'll be able to afford it before xmas, but so far using my Oh! points seem to be a good option.