Oh! Points / ipoints / Maximiles / what eh who help?

I've just got an email from http://www.maximiles.co.uk saying my points are about to expire, fair enough, I should probably buy more toys, oh the hardship... but on logging in to MM I find I can't actually spend my points with lovehoney (but some upstart called Ann Summers seems to be on their list).

Now, MM claim I have 2000 points to spend, when I log into Lovehoney I have 1800 points, which makes me think the MM points are different / null and void and can be ignored...

So what's the crack - which points are which with who and do I need to get a move on and buy more toys or can I ignore this lot?

Pretty sure Oh! Points are Lovehoney's own individual system, not linked to ipoints or Maximiles. As far as I'm aware, Oh! points do not expire, so you should be in the clear!

With that in mind, you may as well spend your MM points anyway, if there's anything to your liking on any of their partner sites.

Lovehoney isn't part of their scheme, I don't believe, Feel free to slap me with a wet kipper if I'm wrong.

Oh! Points are definitely seperate though!

from what I can see they are all seperate schemes and can't be joined, although as highlighted on this thread http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/inside-lovehoney/76152-ipoints/page-5/ it might be a good idea suggesting vouchers or transfer schemes so you can have all your points in one place.

Any chance of teaming up with tesco or sainsburys LH??

As far as I know, LH used to be a part of the MM scheme, but split early last year to make their own Oh! Points thingy. They have mentioned transferring points across, so it could be possible to get the MM points made into Oh! Points, but I'm not too sure on that, worth asking Customer Services before blowing them on Amazon vouchers or summat.

Yep, LH used to be a member of iPoints before it became MaxiMiles (MM being the parent company).

Roughly around the same time, LH left the scheme to run their own in-house system, Oh! Points. Anything at MM cannot be spent at LH, and can't be combined with the LH scheme. However when it first happened there was some talk of discretionary points being awarded for those who'd "lost" their iPoints they'd been saving for use at LH. Whether or not customer services could be of any help now is another matter, but it never hurts to ask, so you may as well. :)

Hope this helps matey

I should add - I think Lh were giving people credit for "lost" points that were originally earned on LH but if you earned them elsewhere, you couldn't transfer them across to Oh! Points.

I think.


Good luck with that!

^^^^^ This...... and BB's and NK's reply too

Before Oh points, you used to get ipoints with Lh purchases, Ipoints then became maximiles and points transferred over. At some point Lh launched their own Oh points and pulled out of IP/Maximiles and all future purchases went to Oh points instead.

At the time of the change, I was able to get my ipoints that I had earned through Lh, (to be honest, never even knew which other retailers were in the scheme), converted to Oh points instead.

Worth an email perhaps to customer service?

Cheers guys - I've not earned ipoints/mm points from anything else so must be LH, and I think my current Oh! points reflect the right amount. Certainly I can't be arsed to trouble customer services for the sake of what's probably all of a couple of quid's worth of points, and MM can get lost, the fewer people sending me spam e-mails the better!

Given the size of my wish-list I'd have to buy a small country through LH to earn enough Oh! points