Oil safe for Internal Anal use?

I’ve been looking for an answer to this question for some time now. So me and my partner enjoy oil play, massaging each other in it, fucking whilst covered in it etc, but we want to find an oil (or other similar safe liquid) that we can use for internal use anally in larger quantities, including inserting a fair volume into my partners ass and squirting it back out again.
We’ve seen occasional porn scenes where they do this, but can’t seem to find a definitive answer to what oil they use and if it’s safe for internal use without any significant side effects.

Does anyone know what they use, or have experience with doing this themselves?

Any help or advice would be appreciated, though to be clear we’re not really looking for lube recommendations, as they are often too thick or expensive in larger volumes. Thanks in advance.

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I think everyone will want to know what “oil” you are referring to. Coconut or olive oils are typically safe but as with anything, an infection or irritation could happen if not thoroughly cleaned after.

Mrs. Val and I have used mineral oil for massages, etc. which tends to last quite a while but again there may be some sensitivities to it. I like it in the shower as it is slick and waterproof but not silicone based. It is runny as hell though…

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Sorry how do you mean? If you’re referring to what oil we use so far for massages etc, it is sometimes mineral oil, sometimes proper massage oils. But neither are suitable for internal use anally in the volumes we want to try, or at least not without significant side effects (we know mineral oil has a laxative effect for example).

Have you ever used quite a lot of coconut or olive oil anally?

I would guess any oil inserted in large quantities would have a laxative effect? Unless you have an enema prior?

I’d suggest researching coconut oil which I believe is antibacterial. We use it on skin irritations and cuts. I don’t know about olive oil and aren’t sure how much of it is adulterated with cheaper oils.

I think the answer is probably somewhere between yes and no.

Any liquid inserted into the rectum in large quantities has a potential laxative effect, especially if it reaches the colon.

The other issue with oil is that it isn’t going to absorb in, clogging tissue and potentially holding on to bacteria, which could cause an issue if it starts to grow. Although it is unlikely this would cause a major health issue, it could be more problematic if your partner experiences any fissures or tearing during play or at a later point, as the bacteria can then enter the bloodstream easier. Obviously, many people use oil based lubes for anal sex without issues, however with the quantity of oil you are talking about, there is more of a risk.

Also, be aware of staining any underwear or clothing they are wearing until the oil is definitely all out.

If you want to try it, I would suggest a 100% pure, natural oil, like olive or coconut. Just be aware with coconut, some can be a little gritty, particularly the ones that start off solid. I’d suggest trying it out in a smaller quantity, give it a few days to see what effects it has had, then next time try a bit more.


I’ve used Vaseline on occasion for internal anal use and had no issues over the years think it depends on how much and how frequently?

I would have thought that you would be safe with something like Baby Oil.

I’d have thought most natural oils that have no added ingredients would be alright to use anally :blush:

Thanks but vaseline is way too thick for what we’re looking for

Thank you very much for the comprehensive reply, some very helpful information there. We did know about the oil not absorbing and the associated risk with bacteria, but so far we’ve not had any issues with that.
We’ll likely give it a go with a smaller volume of coconut or olive oil and see how it goes from there.

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We have used coconut oil for anal with good success. Depending on your room temp, it’s a thicker or even solid oil until applied, or you can rub between your hands or warm it up for runnier effect. It’s naturally antibacterial too I think. And smells great. :joy:


We have used Baby oil and Bio-Oil without any issues but of course dependents on your bodies and what they are happy with.

As for putting volumes of anything up there to squirt out why not just water?