Oils for lube?

I was told the other day at work by a guy I was selling lube to that he usually uses oils as lubes because we got into a discussion about some can be tacky and so on...
But I for some reason always thought it was a bad idea to use oils in the genital region especially to act as a lubricant.
Am I wrong? Could anyone shed some light on this please X

The main concern with oil based lubricants is that they are not condom safe, plus with a regular water based / silicone lubricant you do get all the same features really and more!

It is also quite thick and well, oily, which is not my personal idea of a good time!

I know that you can use some oils, coconut and jojoba I think, as external lubes, maybe even for anal use, but I've never tried it myself. Wouldn't try it to be honest, I'd rather buy something designed for the purpose rather than potentially giving myself something to be embarrassed going to the doctors about.

But if you were going to try oil as lube you would have to treat it like an oil based or silicone lube just to be on the safe side.

I use an oil based lube now and then, when trying to insert something large into my derriere. The something large is metal in material, and oil based lube is fine with that. An oil based lube isn't as generally compatable as water based lubes, but it has a time and a place, and as long as you understand what its effects on your body/toys might be, I don't see a problem.

Oil-based lubes (besides the yes brand) are not generally recommended for vaginal sex/play but do seem to be a somewhat popular choice for anal play. It's said that using oil-based products (baby oil, vaseline etc) vaginally can increase the risks of bv and infections so I wouldn't recommend it for that!

Generally speaking, oil-based lubes are not recommended for any sort of internal play... And certainly not on a regular basis. Coconut and Jojoba oils are about the only ones which are "really" safe, and even those should still be used externally.

The human body is water-based and, as you probably know, oil is not dissolvable.

The body treats oils as a a foreign object and using oil internally, particularly in large quantities or regularly can "clog" you up inside and mess with your natural pH and mucous levels. 

If you want something which lasts longer than a water-based lube, I always recommend going for a silicone lube instead. 

Brilliant! Thankyou for the insight :)

I was aware of not being able to use oil based lubes with condoms, it was the whole baby oil/ coconut oil thing because I'm sure I heard it can cause health issues.

At least now I can provide some knowledge on the area if a customer says they use oil instead of lube.

I've tried all sorts over the years including (inspired by Marlon Brando) butter. I would strongly recomend Liquid Silk. It is perfect for vaginal, anal and penile lubrication, doesn't stain sheets, doesn't damage condoms and it ahs never caused any irritation to me or my OH.


J lube is best for anal play especially fisting. We've tried pretty well all of them.

I've use baby/coconut oil and vaseline in the past for anal play with no bad effects though am using a water based one at the moment.