ok i asked this before and lost the site

There is a hotel somewhere that does themed rooms and stuff kind of expensive looking for the name again all i can mind is its off the M6 anyone know it

Could it possibly be this hotel in the lakes?


for anyone who remmebers me asking we found one part of the fantasy


Did you ask in this thread: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/community/forums/introduce-yourself/300473-does-this-kind-of-place-exist/

omg ur a f-ing legend if my gf was open too 3somes id have you lol thank you soo much

anniversery booked :)

i did lol couldnt find it

Thank you, I guess

Hope you both enjoy, and you'll have to get back to use to let us know how your stay was and service in the hotel.

I really like the idea of places like this, before I had a castle gothic style room with a 3m antique mirror for above the bed but sadly it broke and I haven't been able to remake the style in my new bedroom yet. Oh well, just have to save to stay in a place like one of these.

saturdays lottery numbers would be brill :)

saturdays lottery numbers would be brill :)