One year caged

Today is a significant day for my wife and I. It is exactly a year since we started our male chastity relationship.
Some of you will have read my previous posts and updates so this is very much a progress report on a year in chastity.
A year ago today I began wearing a cock cage 24/7 and she took total control over if, when, and how I was allowed to orgasm.
We are in our late 60’s and have been together for 47 years or so. Our sex life has always been varied and satisfying but when I became aware of chastity cages I read around the topic and thought that the male chastity lifestyle might be an interesting addition.
When I first broached the idea my wife, who has never been sexually confident, became distraught thinking that I was dissatisfied with our current sex life and I had to spend a lot of time reassuring her that nothing could be further from the truth. Eventually she agreed to give it a try. (In reality this was a long way from being the most off the wall thing she has supported me in doing.)
We started in a small way with me pleasuring her in any way she wished and her denying my orgasms till she was ready. Gradually she began to see the advantages of the situation and over the year our relationship has changed significantly. She is now more dominant to the point where we are well on the way to a full female led sexual relationship. She has assumed total control over her own orgasms and either masturbates while I watch or allows me to use my tongue or toys to make her come as she wishes. She can now come as quickly or as slowly as she wishes with any toy she chooses and has recently begun to squirt for the first time in her life.
She teases me or allows me to edge myself, usually with a vibrator on the outside of my cage, but I’m generally only allowed an orgasm every 3 weeks or so. She keeps me constantly horny. She knows this and loves the lust she sees in my eyes when I look at her. Since my penis is generally neglected I have become more dependent on anal stimulation so she pegs me regularly which also reinforces her dominant position. She determines what, if anything, I am allowed to wear and often orders me to wear a butt plug and/or nipple clamps throughout the day.
I have become more affectionate and intimate with her and also more subservient around the house. I do all the chores, cooking, cleaning and so on and she rewards me as she sees fit.
Our sex life overall is better and even more varied than before and I truly love my new status. I am still wearing the cage during my waking hours (sleeping in it was not practical). I love the constant but gentle stimulation it provides and I love what it represents in terms of the relationship we now have. For convenience the cage is not locked unless we go out, when she wears the keys as earrings.
On a final note we are now talking openly about sex more than we heve ever done in the past which is definitely a result.


Happy anniversary, congratulations on the milestone. Sounds like your both having alot of fun. have to say, the forum diary you had going was a really interesting read

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Congratulations @rockstar and Mrs Rockstar! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s always interesting to read your posts andvit’s great that you are both enjoying your “new” relationship.

Happy one year :partying_face: and so glad to hear that it’s been working so well for you! It’s been really interesting reading yours and others’ posts on male chastity and caging, so thank you for sharing :blush:

Congratulations on the year of chastity! :partying_face: quite a wonderful story to hear about and to know your in your 60s and still having a full sex life, love it!!

Very happy for you @rockstar . Seems to be working for you both, and that is what matters. xx

As someone who has been avidly following your chastity thread (and of course adding my input on a few things), I love to see the progress you and your wife have made and enjoyed your telling of it. I look forward to hearing if any new adventures pop up and I am very glad you are both happy.

Also, I love that the keys are now earrings!

What a fab read!! Happy anniversary to you both :heart:

Sounds like it has really helped bring you guys together on a new level. The power of a cock cage hey.

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Happy anniversary @rockstar and Mrs rockstar- my fave poster of all (no offence to anyone else!). You both deserve all the happiness you are both enjoying!

Well done Rockstar, its been fascinating reading your continual evolution of your relationship with your wife.

I still occasionally put on the cage during the day (missing the feeling of constriction), but it doesn’t last long.

All the best with the continuing journey

Congratulations @rockstar!
I have avidly been following your story. I don’t know if chastity is somewhere my OH and I will ever go, but it it does I will be far better informed about it.
May you continue to find joy in each other!

Congratulations @rockstar, to you and your wife on your exciting adventure. :slight_smile:
Barring subsequent searching of past posts, what cage are you using?

I have tried a number of materials and designs over the year and have modified some of them to be more suitable too.

Plastic ones are light and usually comfortable but difficult to keep clean. They are also less durable and I have broken a couple. My wife also feels that their appearance is more ‘medical’ than ‘control cage’ so I rarely if ever wear plastic now.

Metal cages are heavier and you are always aware of their presence (which I enjoy). Their weight can cause them to slip down slowly but they can be discreetly adjusted. The welded hoop type are much more hygienic as they can be rinsed in situ.

My permanent cage is a stainless steel welded hoop type with a a body formed rear ring 45mm in diameter and a barrel type lock (which I have removed and have drilled the cage to accept a 1/4" stainless steel cotter pin retained by a padlock or a miniature carabiner clip). It is my wife’s favourite (which is why I wear it). She describes it as being armorial.
It is not a LH product so I can’t direct you to it.

I have tried various lubricants to put it on and prevent chafing and I have found hand cream, or body lotion, to be the best. it allows you to slip the ring and cage on easily but then is absorbed and dries leaving a less slippy film which stops the cage sliding down too easily.

Happy anniversary @rockstar !

Have you noticed any reduction in your size over the last year as a result of being caged a lot?


I was aware of this known and genuine problem before I started, as I did a fair amount of reading up first, so to counteract this I use a penis pump for a couple of hours three times a week.
I don’t pump excessively, just to my normal erect size or perhaps a tiny bit beyond, and so far there has been no reduction in size at all.

Congrats and happy anniversary @rockstar!!! Love hearing about different ways to keep that fire kindled. CHEERS! :champagne:

That’s excellent and encouraging news.

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