Online erotic fiction

Hi all what's the best site for erotic fiction / short sexy story's. Thanks Rich

Literotica is pretty good. I have a little (ok a massive) obsession with but you have to be prepared to sift through a lot of useless crap, as well as stories that don't contain any adult material. It is well worth it though, but usually only if you want certain themed stories. I'm partial to Harry Potter, so I read about what those dirty wizards and witches get up to, but if you have a favourite book/film/game/tv show chances are you will find FanFiction based on it.

Literotica tends to be more general stories, with no particular theme. They also have pictures and videos but I think you have to pay to view those.

I also vote for Literotrica. I love the stories are rated, plus they have stories for most. I have real trouble getting to the end of some stories before I've released as they get me that good.

Literotica for me too, although some of the user stories on Xhamster are very good too! I even wrote a couple :)

Alas..... how I miss the Erotic Fiction section of these here dear forums.............

I've been a member of Lush since 2011 and love it!

Marina Anderson is a very good author, if you like a kinky read

another vote for literotica here, its all moderated so that at least everything is written with full grammar

Amazon kindle, just type in what kind of kink you want to read.