Onlyfans/Fansly Journey

After chatting about it here, I thought I should make this post for myself and others who are freshly starting out on these kind of sites just to offer insight to what to expect.

As you may know, I’ve already contributed some pics here on Lovehoney. My plan is to upload them on these sites too along with all the unused ones that I don’t put on here. Looking at my library, that’s going to be a bit of work, but I’m sure I can get through them all.

For both sites, I had to take a photo of my ID (passport) and myself holding it. Fansly also wanted a handwritten note in the same photo. My Onlyfans was rejected, but Fansly approved me. I took my photo with the selfie camera for Onlyfans, so I don’t think the quality was good enough. The main snag on Onlyfans was the additional links parts. It says they’re optional, but really they’re not? They want an existing Twitter, Insta or Facebook account that is made public. (I think there are other sites, but I’m not sure what you can put in the Other category). The only one I had was a Facebook which you can imagine put the wind up me :joy: It says this is just for verification purposes and won’t be shown on your Onlyfans, but still… I may make a Twitter or Insta at a later date to tackle this, though. Bit annoying.

My Fansly is the only active account for now. I’ve put up a few old practice photos to get used to how the site works. As Fansly is based in the US, you also have to fill in a tax exempt form if you don’t live there which was easy enough. I quite like the dynamics of the site so far. The search function is way easier than Onlyfans and I’ve been following a few creators for free to get an idea of how to do things. I haven’t done any promoting at all as I want to know what I’m doing first.

One thing I will have to work on for future shoots is photo quality since I take most of mine with the phone selfie camera which isn’t the best. So I will try with the front one next time (with the help of a mirror) to see if that’s better.

So that’s where I’m up to so far. Still very early doors with no following and in the experimental phase.


I wouldn’t be too happy showing a photo of my passport to be honest

Don’t forget most phones now have a timer for you to use your normal camera on your phone, I would also suggest investing in a stand with a light surround they come in handy a lot! They are also quite cheap.
For onlyfans and other sites or just video making I would get as above

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@davejulie - I know what you mean. However, it’s understandable why such sites now require ID since they’ve been in trouble with underage models and scammers in the past.

@Steve_Laura69 - Already have a stand ring-light which is very handy :grin: I have a couple of smaller ones too for taking low shots or just to brighten the place a bit.


Good luck @Mint-Monster interested to hear how you get on x

Thats a great update, looking forward to reading how you get on. I’m considering Only Fans myself so this is all really helpful.

For pics try recording a video and try a few poses and then you can screenshot your favourites. Its much easier than taking a selfie and I think for me at least, I always look more natural.

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I’ve heard ManyVids is another popular platform, might want to give them a look too if you’re on the fence about OF. Good luck!

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Great news look gorward to more info however whst id fansy

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@AWB1955 Fansly is basically the same as Onlyfans, but I hear it’s a bit more user-friendly for people. It’s also less strict so it can cater to more kink/fetish stuff that is a no-no on Onlyfans. It’s still a big site, but not as huge or well known as Onlyfans.


Best of luck for your exploration into this, @Mint-Monster! I hope you earn some extra income from it!

I would share your worries of linking it to your used accounts if you want to stay anonymous.

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Good luck.

The key to success on OF it seems is either having a good existing following on twitter, where you can post whatever you want including explicit content that would be banned from insta/fb etc, or doubling up and having two profiles, one free, where you post teasers.

We tried it. Its bloody hard work for little reward (financial anyway - there is quite a buzz though) and we’ve not added any content for weeks.

May dip back in or may just concentrate more on the other alternative that we dipped our toes in following @Blonde_Bunny 's thread on knicker selling!

Few people get rich, or even make any money at all. But as long as you just look at it as fun and the possibility of a few extra pennies and dont rely on the imcome then its at least good fun creating the content. :innocent::innocent::wink:


Thank you for your honest reply it is much appreciated as previously mentioned I am.looking at this type of thing but reluctant to give out to much information
Keep us posted how things go and how you progress
Have a lovely weekend

Interesting read and I’m not surprised onlyfans makes you jump through hoops to get verified as they’re big on making sure there’s no fake accounts.

I’d probably suggest for future progress you’ll need to invest in a halo beauty light if not already got one :slightly_smiling_face:


A great update @Mint-Monster Good luck with the site.

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I am reading this thread with much interest @Mint-Monster
Please keep us updated with your progress. It’s great to hear of people’s entrepreneurial ventures.

Good luck x

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Hi @Mint-Monster , I have been thinking, what you posted here does that mean you are already leaving “breadcrumbs” or have I totally mis-read that? :thinking:

@Latino_Caliente No, I haven’t been leaving any breadcrumbs or “lures” yet :laughing: I’m still filling my profile page up with old pics and getting used to how the site works.

On that thread, it was just where I go to view porn.

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Is bread crumbs a porn site for women

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Breadcrumbs are to lure people to the profile, so like little teasers, think cropped photos or photos with stickers covering the naughty bits. Something to entice people to have a look and potentially subscribe.

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