Ooooh! That's It! G-Spot Stimulation Gel

What the chance of getting this in a trial sample like you do with the clit stim gel?
It may not work for everyone, so 17 quid is a lot to spend if it does not work for me.

I agree, everybody should get a go at this. The results were stunning.
I have just posted a review on this one. Believe me, for 17 quid its a bargain and will leave you a quivering wreck... in a nice way of course ;)

I've forwarded your message to the LoveHoney people and they'll try to get some samples. You can see McMad68's review here:

wow that stuff seems amazing! if there giving away free samples i want in! lol anybody else tried it yet?

Creams may make your organ numb. I have very deep orgasms after the course of Sentia. It is a herb supplement.

ok that was a convincing testomony...bring on the sample sizes!