Opposites Attract?

Interested if anyone fantasizes about sex with people from another country or race? Is there an accent that turns you on or peaks your interest?

I’m as Canadian as they come, however, sometimes you come across people who you are instantly more attracted to due to physical characteristics, voice pitch or accent more than others. Is that the case with the forum? Does your OH have something that immediately attracted you to them that was strikingly different than you imagined?

Race/nationality etc doesn’t bother me at all. If I think someone is very easy on the eye then that’s just the way it is :wink:

Just a polite FYI from the forum rules:

Do not single out minority groups (including races, ethnicities, sexualities or gender identities) as arousing you or being part of your fantasy. Real life is not like pornography and real people deserve more respect than being reduced to fantasy fulfilment

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Fair - however, about 58% of the world’s population is Asian so white people are technically the minority, but I do understand and appreciate the “race” reminder. I have edited the comment, but I’m not looking to be racist or demoralizing, in fact it was a compliment.

My brother-in-law got divorced and remarried an Asian gal because he had an attraction that he couldn’t let go of. It actually may have ruined his first marriage it was so strong.

(There are literally hundreds of comments in the “What is your Fantasy” post that breaks this rule.)

I sometimes have dreams about having sex with aliens if that counts


I think the French accent turns me on… but does that make me racist against everyone that’s not French… @valbowski77 only asked if a particular type of person turned you on…
Lets not ask any more questions or discuss anything… bloody hell

Do we all have certain types we are attracted to? I’d think yes. People from certain countries, sure. Race doesn’t factor into it for me, I’m an equal opportunity lover. :wink:

My OH is from UK…met her while I was living over there. Now I have my Alexa device, navigation app in car, anything that speaks to me in a female UK voice. I’m just used to being told what to do in that accent :rofl: I do like the Australian accent as well.

all that said the most beautiful woman I have ever been with (prior to my OH) was half Spanish and half French-Canadian. Nothing about her was my type but good lord she was most impressive!

I love the Welsh accent… with the exception of the ‘One Show’ woman.