Oral sex after sex!!

Do you give it?
Do you recieve it?
Do you like it?
Do you hate it?

As for me I love to go down on my wife after sex and it quiet often leads to her having another orgasm. I also like the mixer of tastes.

Hi, new to this so bear with me! I love it when my partner goes down on me after sex, and am also happy to give oral after sex. In fact i love it!! Anyway, hi to all!

i give it and recieve it and always love it,before and after sex,i love it when i,m asleep and being woken by my partner licking that pussy of mine or him being woken by me giving him a good sucking on his cock.Hi spicenz.

Yes but my babe thinks it a bit 'pervy'.

Strange really because on one night away, she came four times, - fingers, tongue, Rabbit and cock.

A full set there!


four times in one night , nothing strange when your are on a roll>> espically when u having those ORGASM,S ! >> you never know, if you get a lucky dip for the lotto >>>>> you might just get a extra finger>> pointing at you,,, it,s you & you would have hit the jackpot>>> ..

Tracey, although my babe can be really raunchy (she calls me when she's using her rabbit!), wil masturbate while I watch etc, she seems to think oral is - I dunno - dirty?? Even though she always cums (not tricky for her) when I give her oral.

...oh and I forgot to say - we're 100 years old between us!

Well done for pulling a 20 year-old, cumstar!!! :-D

Sorry, just joking.

I like it :D giving and receiving, it's naughty. I also love it when my man kisses me with tongues just after he's cum in my mouth...oooh the naughtiness! *squeezes thighs together*

cumstar >> from the sounds of it , basically she loves recieving oral .. but just don,t like giving it because it seems dirty >> if your looking to get a bj..next time she,s shoving her hole with that rabbit ( tell her your head needs polishing )..well she knows what she likes & getting it.. >>> cumstar , what would u like ?

Teddy - I use a lot of Camay! :o)

Tracey - if she's happy that's all that matters.

cumstar>>> carry on making her happy ,i,m sure u will.

i wouldnt let my bloke go down on me after sex cuz i wouldnt want him to associate the taste of his cum with going down on me! its not a great taste and i dont wana do anything that might make him stop doing it!! lol i dont go down on him after sex either unless we wait a while to catch our breathes again then he washes it and we get started again ;) im perfectly happy to do it as foreplay but not afterplay- im usually too knackered and selfish to even think about him then! lol

An ex used to love going down on me when we'd just had sex and he didn't mind the taste of his own come which was a major turn on!

I also have no problem going down on my man after sex, in fact most guys love a woman that doesn't mind tasting her own juices - so it's a winner all round!

There's nothing sexier than juices before, during and after sex!

Why don't Walkers make Cum flavoured crisps? Dragon's Den - Here I cum!

nah i dont lyk da idea of having oral sex afta sex! oral at da beginnin is the build up 2 the sex...so afta all i wanna do is chill outm, cuddle up, have a cigarette and its too slimy and dirty down there for more!

I opened up to anal (pun...) but there is no way I'd give or receive oral after sex. The idea kinda grosses me out.

Besides, I'm way too sensitive for anything after sex, so oral would probably kill lol.

After I have got my breath back I get really turned on by going down on her while she is still full. If she turns round and gets on top of me in a 69 the messy face/forced mouthfull is an almost instant 2nd orgasm for me, even though the taste is always very bitter compared to my fresh cum. Naughty, but very very nice.

I'm not a big fan of recieving oral after sex - I don't feel clean so I can't really relax and enjoy it. Giving head on the other hand I love because I find the taste of my OHs cum and my pussy rather sexy!


I always give my OH oral sex after we have finished having sex - I love to lick him dry until all I can taste is his cock!